Stanley Steemer Accelerates Business with SEO

After pivoting to a professional services company, Stanley Steemer was in search of ways to connect with customers and convey their new offering.

increase in Google 3-pack visibility
growth in organic traffic

The Business Challenge

Presented with both a challenge and opportunity in the pandemic, Stanley Steemer found themselves in a unique position to take advantage of market trends. Pivoting to a professional services company, with a larger set of offerings, they needed a way to connect with customers and convey their new focus to people who needed cleaning services. SEO was a clear lever for increased performance, and identifying the local markets through SEO research would help identify customers and behavior.

The BrightEdge Solution

To move quickly, the team would first need to understand how prospective customers were searching for professional services they offered, and how those searches varied across local markets. Using BrightEdge Instant and Hyper Local Analysis the Stanley Steemer Digital Marketing team was able understand the impact organic search has on traditional traffic-driving services.


Facing long odds as the impacts of the pandemic rolled on, Stanley Steemer set substantial growth targets for SEO. Their goals for SEO were less about what seemed realistic, and more about closing the gap from the lost business brought on by the pandemic. With the help of BrightEdge they were not only able to hit those targets, but exceed them in most cases.

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