Rosetta Utilizes BrightEdge Data Cube to Mine Big Data

Data Cube revealed how large an opportunity can be with rich media based on competitive insights and SERP landscape

60 seconds
to find new opportunities in Data Cube


Mining data can be nebulous, overwhelming, confusing, and geared toward paid media. It can also be difficult to figure out where to start. Once you pick a place to start, mining for scale can be difficult among the team. Internally, SEO teams need to figure out a way to find a balance between the right tools and the right training to drive scalability.


Matt Saunders, Director, SEO Strategist at Rosetta agency, faced this issue with his global team. He decided to leverage BrightEdge’s Data Cube to mine big data for all facets of content marketing research, including blog content, rich media, and local search. His first step was finding colleagues across the teams to determine who could benefit from the platform and who would be a good advocate for it. Creating that core group of people, training them daily, and getting them all BrightEdge certified allowed valuable knowledge transfer to all of the other SEOs in the company instead of Saunders being the single point of contact for mining big data.


Matt successfully got several members of his team ramped up to scale data mining and found multiple ways to gain valuable insights each within 60 seconds. Using BrightEdge’s Share of Voice report, the team was able to find content expansion ideas by taking competitor URLs, putting them in Data Cube, and finding new keyword and page opportunities, which resulted in 6 new target keyword representing 37k monthly searches. Aligning rich media with the SERP landscape, Data Cube revealed how large an opportunity can be with rich media based on competitive insights and SERP landscape. For Local SEO optimization knowing which queries trigger local listings is half the battle. Saunders quickly saw in the data that local points of interest were a substantial untapped opportunity. The Google SERP carousel has ramped up the urgency for local optimization as prominent competitors become more visible across a substantial number of carousel results. Putting competitor names into Data Cube yields keywords that trigger local listings which in turn can substantially increase your local footprint.

That’s really what Data Cube is built on... Doing all of this complex gathering of information and making it super easy for you to get actionable insights out of it.

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