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Latest Machine Learning Innovation Empowers Marketers With Deep Competitive Insights and Mobile Recommendations to Boost Landing Page Performance

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 10, 2015) -  BrightEdge, the essential content performance marketing platform, today announced that it will preview LPO Intelligence at Adobe Summit 2015. LPO Intelligence will integrate seamlessly with Adobe Experience Manager, offering landing page ideas that marketers should consider when using AEM's new performance targeting capabilities, powered by Adobe Target, to test landing page variations.

LPO Intelligence empowers marketers with unmatched and immediate web-wide competitive insights to inform creation of high-performance landing pages. Powered by the BrightEdge Data Cube, machine learning automates decisions and democratizes landing page testing. LPO Intelligence helps marketers boost conversion rates and deliver impactful business results.

Machine Learning - Gaining The Competitive Edge On The Content Battleground

In today's content battleground it's increasingly important for marketers to understand the performance of their content within the context of the broader marketplace. Today, marketers have data visibility limited to their own content, but no insight into competitors'.

Following the latest release of Content Optimizer 3.0, LPO Intelligence is specifically designed to improve landing page performance.

"LPO Intelligence is powered by BrightEdge Data Cube intelligence. The Data Cube uncovers opportunities at web-wide scale and delivers valuable insights to marketers in the form of specific, actionable recommendations," said Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge. "With LPO Intelligence, for the first time ever, marketers will be able to automatically optimize landing pages to win on the content battleground."

The BrightEdge Data Cube -- the industry's largest dataset of web-wide content that includes rich media, search terms and social signals -- powers both innovations. Historically marketers have been forced to rely on first person data, which gives them an incomplete view of how their content is performing. Marketers who use LPO Intelligence alongside Content Optimizer 3.0 will now have access to an industry-first complete set of data, actionable insights and recommendations for all types of content.

Michael Kirchhoff, Director at PennWell Media stated, "Adobe continues to lead innovation in the Marketing Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager makes it easy for me to create and manage content across all my digital marketing channels. As a data-driven marketer, I am very excited about the BrightEdge LPO Intelligence integration in the Adobe Experience Manager environment. BrightEdge Machine learning and the subsequent data-driven insights will further empower me in my role to ensure that content marketing performs with maximum efficiency and scale."

"In any customer acquisition strategy, optimized and relevant landing pages are a competitive advantage, especially as brands vie for consumer attention. Marketers need strong content, analytics, and personalization capabilities to come out on top," said Aseem Chandra, Vice President, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target. "Our customers will be confident knowing that they are delivering the best digital experiences with Adobe Marketing Cloud and innovations from partners such as BrightEdge."

Key LPO Intelligence features include:

Competitive Insights: BrightEdge LPO Intelligence provides value where other solutions traditionally fall short. It not only analyzes a brand's own webpage, but it also provides unique insights into their top competitors' landing pages. This is an inside look into the strategies, failures, and winning experiments that marketers at these companies are taking. This value is unique to the BrightEdge Data Cube, as it delivers to marketers the same level of web-wide intelligence at massive scale that Facebook and Twitter bring consumers.

Mobile Best Practices: By analyzing mobile websites across all major industries, BrightEdge has identified the most effective page elements across each vertical, as well as a set of common mistakes that negatively affect page performance. Tailored industry insights -- such as needing an effective mobile top bar layout for ecommerce sites -- allow marketers to bring their landing pages closer and closer to the ideal performance. BrightEdge couples those competitive insights with website optimization best practices for desktop and mobile lading pages, and provides actionable recommendations that marketers can integrate into an A/B test. 

Landing Page Experimentation and Optimization: BrightEdge technology identifies and dissects page layouts by industry and by competitors. These insights will unlock specifics like the minimum spend required for free shipping across all of a given ecommerce company's competitors, or elements like effective CTA text, color, and size. Instead of iterating with no resulting improvements, marketers can get prescriptive knowledge for how to boost the performance of their landing pages. These insights can then be used to inform landing page optimization efforts through AEM's performance targeting features.

Internet Categorization powered by Machine Learning: Though most businesses leveraging machine learning are limited in scope to their own experiments across their own websites, BrightEdge LPO Intelligence leverages sophisticated natural language processing to identify all the headlines and CTAs across the web. Additionally, search volume trending capabilities spot trends to see what works. BrightEdge's predictive analytics offer data-driven insights and recommendations to take a company's landing pages to the next level.

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