BrightEdge Copilot Integrates Generative AI into Content Advisor

Elevating Content Performance by Combining AI with the Industry's Highest Fidelity Data


SAN MATEO, CA – December 6, 2023 – BrightEdge, the global leader in organic search, content, and digital marketing automation, today unveiled Copilot for Content Advisor. For the first time, content creators have access to an all-in-one platform with all the insights necessary to develop content that performs in SEO. This includes audience and comprehensive SEO insights, structured content suggestions, and AI-generated first drafts ready for human refinement and collaboration. In a survey of early users, over 85% reported a significant improvement in their content publishing productivity.

Since 2017, BrightEdge's AI-driven Content Solutions has empowered marketers to craft content that aligns with search and content marketing best practices. Generative AI suggestions, powered by BrightEdge Copilot, significantly improve content workflow by reducing time spent on SEO research and overcoming challenges such as writer's block. In just 60 seconds, it delivers pre-optimized content briefs and drafts while also setting the stage for writers to add creativity and messaging.

Research has found that only 50% of B2B content produced is engaged with by the target audience. In B2C, on average, only 20% of content is found. Now, with the explosion of tools generating lowquality content en masse, marketers face an ever-growing challenge of breaking through the noise and connecting with their audience. This is often due to using low-quality, disjointed data sources that fail to provide accurate insights that feed content creation.

Echoing this, according to McKinsey, the ability of a business to scale content value depends on how well it takes advantage of data and the application of Generative AI.

"The key to creating successful content that wins in SEO hinges on the quality of the data that guides Generative AI," said Jim Yu, Founder and Executive Chairman of BrightEdge. "BrightEdge's foundation lies in high-fidelity data — knowing what consumers seek, what resonates with them and what they truly value, as well as the needs of brands and marketers. By integrating these insights in one place, BrightEdge Copilot for Content Advisor offers marketers an unmatched advantage and a massive head start in the content performance race."

BrightEdge Copilot for Content Advisor simplifies content creation for all levels of users so they can:

  • Pinpoint precisely what to write based on what audiences are looking for and care about
  • Produce content that will be found in search engine results, informed by a comprehensive analysis of winning SEO factors
  • Work side by side with Generative AI to create pre-optimized outlines and content drafts including structured headlines and copy
  • Inject vital human input with customized tones to match their company's writing style, unique voice and brand guidelines
  • Switch to a step-by-step wizard that simplifies content creation for new users

“Copilot for Content Advisor uses AI to save me 6-8 hours of research per content page created. As importantly, it identifies blind spots I either forgot or didn’t think about when trying to meet my prospects’ needs and understanding of our offerings,” said Chris Pareja, Senior Manager of Online Marketing at Topcon Positioning Systems. “Scalability and completeness…who wouldn’t want that!”

In addition, as part of its all-in-one enterprise solution, BrightEdge users can access a wide range of AI-driven solutions such as keyword research, competitive analysis, and business intelligence. This helps provide a seamless, end-to-end enterprise workflow, from ideation and optimization to publication. Furthermore, customers also benefit from the synergy of advanced 'zero-touch' automation through technologies like BrightEdge Autopilot.

Learn more about how to get ahead with BrightEdge Copilot for Content Advisor here.

About BrightEdge

BrightEdge, the global leader in Enterprise SEO and content performance, empowers digital marketers to transform online opportunities into tangible business results. Its all-in-one platform provides organizations with crucial market insights and intelligent AI-driven solutions. The BrightEdge platform contains the industry's most unique and extensive data set that connects key search, social, content, and digital media data points. Its deep-learning engine, DataMind, has been powering SEO AI-driven solutions since 2015, allowing marketers to benefit from high-fidelity data-led insights and automated action.

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