Scaling In Research For Your SEO-Driven Content

discover how scaling in research can help your business's content - brightedgeWhy is scaling content important?

The content marketing industry today has become increasingly saturated. Eighty percent of B2B brands and 81 percent of B2C brands say that they have some type of content marketing strategy. To compete in this field, therefore, brands must be able to produce content that adds value and grabs the attention of their audience.

The best way to accomplish this goal is with an efficient workflow that allows brands to call upon the skills of everyone on their team.

This workflow will start with a SEO researcher who use data to uncover high-value keywords. Then the writers develop the content, which is passed to content strategists and marketing managers to refine to fit the precise role of the piece. When this process runs efficiently, the brand is able to meet their content demands and provide customers with the material they seek.

Why is it important to use a workflow?

In the early stages of content marketing maturation (link to piece on content marketing maturation process), it is common for brands to rely just on one or two people to produce their content. The problem with this approach is that it neglects the expertise of countless other team members. It is not efficient to have one person handle all the work that goes into content development. Instead, having multiple people work together to produce the content that the brand needs in a collaborative atmosphere allows everyone’s expertise to shine while producing content to scale to meet modern demand.

How do I create a workflow to scale content for my business?

  1. Outline objectives that the brand will have for a particular marketing campaign.
  2. Determine metrics that can be used to measure content performance.
  3. Outline the steps in a content creation workflow.
    1. Determine keywords, target and content type
    2. Develop the content
    3. Distribute and promote the content
    4. Analyze the content and compare to original goals
  4. Bring team members together to help them establish a collaborative effort for the content.

Scaling in research is the key for brands who now need to produce high-quality content in larger numbers to meet the demands of modern customers. Establishing an efficient workflow is the cornerstone of accomplishing these goals and moving your content production process forward.

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