How To Optimize Mobile Apps?

What is the value of a mobile app?

We all know that customers are spending an increased amount of time on mobile, but what many do not realize is that the vast majority of that time is spent specifically on mobile apps. Customers spend an average of 85 percent of their time on smartphones on mobile apps. While mobile sites are crucial to interacting with people browsing the web, building an effective and popular mobile app is a very valuable way to build brand loyalty and engage with your mobile customers.

Optimize for mobile apps with these tips - brightedge

Why bother optimizing the app?

Although 85 percent of the time that people are on mobile phones is spent on apps, only an average of 5 apps per user see heavy use. People do not download and use numerous different apps, which means that the competition to be one of those popular, valuable apps for users is fierce.

The importance of optimizing also becomes important when you realize that an average of 60k new apps are uploaded to iTunes and 50k are uploaded to Google Play every month. You need to learn how to get your brand’s app to stand out and be found against this saturated market.

How do I optimize my mobile app?

  1. Design an app that projects your brand. It needs to be consistent with the messaging that your customers receive elsewhere from your organization.
  2. Your app needs to add value for customers. Your app needs to be useful so your customers will want to download it and engage with you further. 
  3. Create your app using bright and inviting images. This is particularly important for the image that appears in the search results. Images can help invite customers to click on your app and give it a try.
  4. Optimize your content for mobile. Content optimized for mobile adjusts to small phone screens so users can easily read the content. Videos should be compatible for mobile and emails should load quickly and be easily scannable.
  5. Make sure your app has a thorough description with keywords. It is the description that will help tell the app store that your app matches the needs of the customer typing in a search query. Describe your app well to capture that attention.
  6. Remain engaged with your app. Listen to feedback and use it to make your app more useful and efficient. If there are any complaints about problems, fix them immediately and update your description to let people know what issues have been addressed.

Mobile apps are a valuable part of the modern mobile experience. Taking the time to optimize your app will help you attract desired attention and maximize your potential for on-the-go consumers.