Learn About The Best Mobile SEO Strategies

Learn the best mobile optimization strategies for your site - brightedgeWhy is having the best mobile SEO strategy important?

Customers today spend increasing amounts of time on mobile and they are exploring all types of content. According to Google, more searches are now performed on mobile than on desktop. It's an SEO must that you learn to optimize content for mobile. 

Emailmonday found that between 15 and 70 percent of your email opens are going to be done on mobile devices depending upon your target audience. There was an increase from customers spending 30 minutes a day watching videos on mobile devices in 2014 to 39 minutes in 2015. At least 78 percent of smartphone users and 70 percent of tablet users also report performing at least one search per day. Regardless of the type of content you produce, you need to make sure that it is optimized for mobile.

What does it mean to optimize content for mobile?

Mobile devices have small screens and users are often on-the-go. They might be on a train or bus commuting, in a coffee shop or in a store. Optimized content understands the mobile user. It easily adjusts to fit on smaller screens and does not use a font that is so small it cannot be read, only one of the major reasons to optimize content. Videos that are not compatible with mobile devices should not appear on mobile sites. Email messages should load quickly and not have too many images that make it difficult for the user to scan the message. When you optimize content, it flows easily between desktop and mobile devices to provide the user with an outstanding experience.

What are the best mobile optimization techniques?

  1. Recognize that nearly any type of content you develop may be viewed on mobile, and that creating a strong user experience requires you to make sure it is ready for this possibility.
  2. Make sure any videos on your pages are compatible with smart devices.
  3. If possible, make your content scrollable, rather than forcing people to click through multiple pages, which can be challenging on mobile.
  4. Make sure your images are high-quality and closely cropped to maximize detail, even when shrunk to fit a smaller screen.
  5. Any buttons on the screen should be easy for mobile customers to use.
  6. Use a responsive template for everything, including emails.
  7. Do not use long paragraphs, which can be cumbersome on devices. Remember that people are moving when on mobile -- long paragraphs will often lose them.
  8. Keep the motivations of your on-the-go customers in mind. If most people come to your site looking for certain types of content, such as directions, optimize content and make it easy to find.

Mobile devices now dominate a significant portion of the online space. To be effective marketers, you need to make sure that your content is ready for these users and easy to engage with regardless of the device. Optimize content and become successful in SEO.

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