How Do I Increase Conversion Rates?

How do I increase conversion rates?

To increase conversion rates, know that it largely revolves around making your site more appealing for customers and encourages them to complete your desired action. Regardless of whether you want to sign up for an emailing list or buy a product, you need to make sure you have a firm understanding of precisely who you want to target and what they want to see on your pages.

Here are 5 ways to increase conversion rates from your websites:use these tips to increase conversion rates - brightedge

  1. Identify your target personas
  2. Know where your audience is in their buyer's journey
  3. Consider the best offers
  4. Consider rephrasing your offer
  5. Use psychological principles

1. Identify your target personas. Before you can effectively increase rates by building landing pages or creating ads, you need to understand who will be the most likely to buy your product. You have to know the pain points and obstacles of these potential customers. The better you understand their motivations and hesitations, the easier it will be for you to create content that really engages them. You will be able to create a landing page that promises to help with a specific pain point or objection, improving your ability to convert them.

2. Know where your audience is in their buyer’s journey. What are their pain points and objections at this point? Not only must you have a thorough understanding of who your target personas are, but you also must know what their buyer’s journey looks like and how they progress through it to increase rates. You want to know the platforms they frequent at different points, their obstacles and objectives, and what will encourage them to convert on a given page.

3. Consider the offers that will appeal most to these people at this moment. As you design particular landing pages, you want to have a specific buyer persona and a particular moment in the buyer’s journey in mind. The landing page should be tailored to what people at this stage want to see to entice them to buy. Use all of the insight you have gained regarding your personas and what their journey looks like to create an effective page.

4. Consider rephrasing your offer to produce a good conversion rate. If you have followed steps 1-3 but your find that your conversion rate still does not perform as well as expected or desired, you may want to consider redrafting or rephrasing the offer. You know that there must be some type of misalignment between what customers want to see at this precise moment of the buyer’s journey and what they actually see. In order to increase conversion rates, you'll want to figure out what it is. Perhaps your landing page does not clearly articulate how this offer aligns with what they seek, maybe you offer the landing page too early or too late in the buyer’s journey, or maybe the landing page design doesn't inspire confidence in the audience regarding your ability to help them.

Revisit your most successful landing pages to see if there is anything you've previously done differently on the pages with the highest conversion rates. Study your personas and their journey again, particularly the area of the journey that you target with this landing page to see if any adjustments should be made. Look at the conversion rate over time to see if it's rising, falling, or remaining consistent. Perform A/B testing to help you identify potential problem areas in the design or content that might encourage more people to buy.

5. Use psychological principles, such as group validation. Landing pages can also receive a boost when they help prospective customers begin to understand the appeal from other genuine customers. Endorsements from others, testimonials from real customers, and even images of real customers using your product can all help to encourage potential new customers to convert on your page.

As you make these changes, remember to continue to track metrics on your page. Look at your traffic rate and how that relates to your conversion rate and the revenue you are able to generate. Building a successful landing page that converts a high percentage of traffic requires a considerable amount of thought, but with proper planning it can drive growth and success.