Google+ Local and Business Rankings

Google Local Business Rankings Basics - BrightEdgeWhat is Google+ Local?

Google+ Local is the old name of Google My Business. On Google My Business you can claim pages for your business and create a social media profile where you can promote your business through images, postings and even linking your page with your YouTube channel to advertise your videos.

What does Google+ Local include?

Cultivating local reviews on your Google My Business page can impact your local search results. Additionally, your Google+ profile impacts what people see when they search for your brand and receive the sidebar profile of your business. This sidebar contains a wealth of valuable information, such as a description of your business, your hours, images and reviews. This display helps customers make quick decisions about whether or not your business is worth patronizing.

How do I optimize my Google+ Local page?

A well-optimized Google My Business page can offer a variety of benefits. You will draw the attention of customers with a positive side-bar display for branded queries. You may also be able to influence your overall search rankings, particularly if you have a number of positive reviews.

  1. Claim your business's Google My Business page
  2. Write a quality description about your business that encourages people to learn more about what you do. This description should incorporate important keywords in a natural way.
  3. Upload quality images of your business and the products and services that you provide.
  4. Make sure that your hours, name, address and phone number are all completely accurate-- this is the information that will displayed on the side bar and has to be correct for potential visitors.
  5. Encourage people to leave you a review on the site, such as by reminding them to do so after finishing a transaction
  6. Promote your profile through different means, such as your website and emails, to attract traffic.

Google+ Local, or Google My Business, can provide you with a valuable platform for engaging potential customers and encouraging them towards conversion. It also allows you to custom design the sidebar profile that customers see when they look you up. Take advantage of the platform and see what it can offer you.

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