How do SEO and Social Media Work Together for Search?

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Content, social, and search trifecta explains how content can get more successful if used with strong social promotion and solid SEO optimization.

How do content, social media, and search work together?

The basis of any quality online marketing campaign is content. Without this material, the campaign will not have the power it needs to move forward. This content then interacts with your search and social campaigns to raise your brand.

To begin the cycle, you must first create quality content that answers your audience’s needs and provides them with value. You then promote this content across your distribution channels, including social media. Since your content offers something to the readers, they will be more inclined to share it with others. The more your content is read and shared, the more your metrics - such as backlinks and traffic - will increase. This will help raise your rankings on search. As your piece is ranked higher on search, it will become more readily available for new people to find, enjoy and share on social media, thus beginning the cycle again.

As you monitor the types of material that your social network is inclined to share, you will also gain insights into the content you should produce to amplify the impact of this cycle.

How does SEO work in digital marketing?

  1. Outline your buyer personas and map them to their buyer journeys. Use this information to create content that speaks to the needs of your customers and what they want to read.
  2. Create a thorough distribution plan that places the content in front of the audience most inclined to appreciate it.
  3. Monitor how much your content is shared on social media platforms as well as your resulting backlink profile and traffic rates. Use this information to make adjustments to future campaigns.

How can I measure my progress?

Once your marketing campaign has begun, you need to carefully monitor your progress to understand which aspects are performing best and which ones need to be altered moving forward.

  • Examine the social signals on your pieces. See how well your audience is engaging with your work and which pieces are receiving the most attention.
  • Monitor your traffic and engagement rates. See how well they correlate to your social signals to understand how social media is impacting your piece’s popularity.
  • Track your content’s ranking to see how much your efforts are impacting your search results.
  • Use your insights about the most successful pieces to guide your content development and distribution for the next pieces.

The content, social and search trifecta can be an excellent resource for boosting your brand’s content and increasing your brand reach. Understanding how these different elements can work together will help you drive your content marketing efforts forward.

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