How to Submit Your URL To Google?

How to check if a page has been submitted to Google?

For your site to appear on the SERPs, you need to make sure that it has been submitted to Google. Once your site has been correctly submitted, the search engine spiders can begin to crawl the site and help it get the attention it deserves. To see if your site or a page has been submitted to Google and whether or not it has been fully indexed, you can use one of two how to check if a page has been submitted in google - brightedge

The first method we recommend is using the URL Inspection Tool provided by Google Search Console. This tool will allow site owners to see the status of this particular URL, including information about how the search engine has indexed the page or if the spiders were unable to crawl the page for any reason, so that you can make immediate fixes.

In Google Search Console, you can view information about the last crawl that Google ran, and also request that the search engine crawl it again. If you recently made changes to your site, for example, you would request a crawl to make sure that Google sees these changes as quickly as possible.

To see how Google has indexed your page, you can also view your own sitemap to see what Google is currently indexing. To this use this method of inspection, simply type /sitemap.xml at the end of the domain's URL. For example, if your domain is, you'd navigate to to view the sitemap for that domain and see which pages have been indexed. This method could be used by someone building out a website to track the indexing process as the site grows.

Use these two strategies to check and see if your site has been properly submitted to Google and indexed. If you find any problems or obstacles, taking care of them immediately will help you maximize your digital presence.