How To Make the Most of a Digital Marketing Conference?

Your to-do list for attending a digital marketing conference

Marketing conferences offer participants excellent opportunities to network with peers, learn more about their industry, and see what others have accomplished within their field. It provides an excellent place to exchange ideas. For those new to attending marketing conferences, however, knowing what to expect and how to maximize their time at one can be a challenge. Here is what all marketers should know about how to get the most out of their time at a marketing is how to prepare if you're attending a digital marketing conference this year - brightedge

  • Be prepared
  • Network
  • Take notes
  • Do not leave the conference behind
  • Utilize the information gained
  • Access and review the presentation decks

1. Be prepared before you go. Before the conference, take the time to really get to know what to expect at this particular event. Look at the speakers, their backgrounds, and see which talks interest and apply to you the most. Follow hashtags for the event on social media and see who else might attend. Connect with a few fellow attendees or prospects via LinkedIn to discuss the event and then plan on meeting up during the actual conference.

Plan out your schedule for the event. You want to maximize the investment you have made, so have a schedule planned and a few objectives you want to accomplish over the course of the conference.

2. Network. One of the best features of digital marketing conferences is the ability to meet and engage with others in the industry. Do not shy away from reaching out to other attendees; remember they also want to network within the industry. Learn how to use the mobile LinkedIn Fidn Nearby. (Click thre person+ button and tunr on Nearby. If other people do same it is easier to request to connect.) Exchange business cards, discuss the talks and sessions, and form professional bonds.

3. Take notes during the talks and presentations. During the conference, you will likely find yourself overwhelmed with an enormous amount of information pertaining to your industry. No one can possibly remember detailed accounts of everything discussed.

To help you maximize your experience, come prepared to take notes during the talks. This gives you something to reference when you finish for the day and head back to your room. Take a minute as you wind down to look over those notes to really start to explore the ideas yourself. Discuss them with others and see how they might inform your own digital marketing strategies.

Also see if the hosting company puts out any sort of recap following the talks. If they post videos or blog posts about the content covered that day, take a few minutes to go over it. It may also help to jog your memory and absorb all you learned.

4. Do not leave the conference behind when you walk out the door. You want to absorb the entire conference experience, not just the talks. If there are formal or informal networking events, such as dinners or gatherings, after the day’s talks, try to participate. This will give you the chance to get to know other attendees better and discuss the day’s events.

At the end of the conference, hold onto the notes you took and the connections you have made. Use LinkedIn to reach out to your new connections and continue to nurture the relationship. Review your notes and go over them with your team back at your company. Look for ways to make the new ideas you gained at the conference part of your company’s strategy.

5. Use the information you gained at the conference to move forward in the digital marketing space. Digital marketing conferences provide an outstanding opportunity for professionals to learn, network, and remain connected to the forefront of the industry. Following these steps to maximize your experience will help you get the most out of your upcoming conference.

6. Access and review the presentation decks. Every conference collects and shares the decks with registered attendees. Download them all and read the ones from the sesssions you missed. Creating and event report for your colleagues is a good way to internalize the insights of the conference.