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Andy Betts
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We can’t wait to enjoy the summertime weekend, either - but before you ditch those laptops for sunscreen, get caught up on what happened this week in the marketing world.

Spotlight on BrightEdge

If you’ve visited the blog lately, it’s kind of hard to miss that we’ve completely revamped the look and feel.

We’re excited about the future of the BrightEdge blog, which we’re planning right now. Stay tuned for more blog posts on a more consistent basis, including thought leadership pieces from top brands, BrightEdge insight on digital marketing topics, inside looks at the company and much more, coming soon.

SMX Advanced

BrightEdge is a Gold Sponsor of SMX Advanced in Seattle, June 11 to 12, where we’ll be exhibiting (Booth 22) and speaking. In his presentation, CEO Jim Yu will talk about what advanced SEOs should be doing about mobile.

Find out more about SMX and Jim's session below:

Share14 is coming

On August 20 to 22, BrightEdge hosts its annual Share14 digital marketing event in San Francisco, bringing together many of the Worlds top brands to talk about what’s hot in digital marketing right now. Discounted pricing ends August 7. 

Stay tuned for the official Share14 micro-site launch, announcements and blog insights starting next week!

Check out last years Share13 video featuring brands such as Adobe, SAP, Microsoft and and Hilton - It's time to get excited !

Marketing Tips and In-Depth Articles From The Search Marketing Community

Content from the CEO: May

Check out these in-depth articles and tips from BrightEdge’s CEO, Jim Yu, for the month of May:

The Marketer Role is Changing. What You Need to Succeed - Marketing Land

Do marketers practice what they preach? And are they being rewarded for it? In an industry where best practices are constantly shifting as a result of new technology and trends, marketers need to keep up.

MoCo: Mobile, Content and Advanced SEO: How to Prepare - Marketing Land

What does it mean to be “mobile ready”? You might say having a mobile responsive site — and that’s certainly part of it. But there’s much more that goes into ultimately creating an excellent website experience for your ever-expanding and ever-discerning mobile user base.

5 Ways to Sell SEO to Your CMO - Search Engine Watch

If I came to you and asked to borrow $40,000 for a business venture I'm considering, and I said that you needed to trust the idea was going to work based on my knowledge and experience, what would you say?

3 Essential Questions You Should Be Asking Your CMO - Huffington Post

The marketing landscape has changed drastically over the years, and it's only fitting that the role of the CMO at any company has followed suit. CMOs are now pulled in dozens of different directions, between social, content, mobile and digital marketing movements.

Think Like a Publisher Act Like a Business - Huffington Post

If you were told five years ago that your company needed to get serious about publishing, you probably wouldn't have taken that advice to heart. Today it is the complete opposite. If a strong publishing strategy isn't part of your marketing repertoire then you are missing out on fruitful opportunities for customer engagement.

Weekly News Round-up

Here are BrightEdge’s top picks for action-oriented articles and in-depth analysis of some of the topics on the minds of marketers.

"The Myths & Realties of How The EU's New 'Right To Be Forgotten In Google Works"

Can anyone really be "forgotten" on Google? The EU thinks they can. With all the hype around the EU’s newest “Right to be Forgotten” law, how will this movement affect search around the world?

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land deep dives into burning questions about how the ruling may pan out.

Some of those Q&As include:

  1. Can anyone have anything removed from Google? Sullivan says there are no guarantees that items will be removed, but anyone can ask
  2. Will the ruling always uphold in every situation? The answer here is no. The ruling states that content can’t be removed if it will interfere with the “preponderant interest of the general public in having, on account of its inclusion in the list of results, access to the information in question.”
  3. What happens with the content in question on other search engines? Sullivan suspects the ruling doesn’t cover all search engines, and if someone wanted that same content off Bing, for example, that person would need to “make a request to each and every search engine they want material removed from,” he said.
  4. If something is removed in one country, will it be removed in others? The answer here is still unclear, but if prior history is any indicator, the content removal under this ruling will be for the search engine version of the country the request is being made in (, for example).

"How to Create a Marketing Plan"

Oftentimes, companies create marketing plans in their heads – and keep them there. So, what should a marketing plan look like? What’s the relation between your marketing plan and your business plan? Who should see your marketing plan? How long should you spend on creating it? These are some of the questions this article in tackles.

Here are just a few ideas from the post and its accompanying video:

  • Documented marketing plans are essential to their longevity. It’s not wise for one person to hold all the marketing knowledge in the company; documented plans help any newcomer get up-to-speed on the marketing vision.
  • Writing and reviewing marketing plans on a regular basis gives a big-picture overview of the business. The day-to-day hustle and bustle of business can cause you to easily lose sight of goals and progress; documented marketing plans help put that into perspective over time.

"5 Reasons to Include Polling in Your Social Media Strategy"

On social media, engaging with your audience is a No. 1 priority. But how can you gauge exactly how they’re feeling? Here are five reasons to use polls in your social media marketing by Travis Bernard at Search Engine Watch:

  1. Free product feedback
  2. Deep understanding of customers
  3. Community building
  4. Content generation
  5. Traffic lift

In his article, Bernard also gives his Top 3 picks for polling tools, including Poll, Wedgies and Poptip.

“Infographic: User Generated Content To Boost Sales"

At the end of the day, sales are what make a company run. Did you know about the potential impact that user-generated content (UGC) can have on your sales? This infographic courtesy of Marketing Land by Offerpop dives into how to turn UGC into big-time ROI. In it, we learn some facts:

  • UGC is 20 percent more influential than other types of media.
  • Brand engagement rises by 28 percent when consumers are exposed to professional content and UGC product videos.

Here are some tips, too:

  • Incentivize customers to share photos and videos of purchases on social.
  • Promote sweepstakes via social media, ads, in-store and on packaging.

Search Marketing News

Bing Shutting Down Webmaster Forums

“Over the last few years, we’ve had our Webmaster forums up and running. They’ve been around a while now in a few iterations, and like any community, the goal is to grow it to be vibrant and engaging. To foster the deep involvement of experts who help others, creating a community that contributes to improvements and makes its own gravity,” Bing's Duane Forrester said in an announcement.

“There comes a time, however, when you sometimes need to re-evaluate, and once in a while, regroup. Thus as of the end of May (or early June), we’re taking down our Bing Webmaster Community Forum, allowing us time and resources to focus energies in other directions.”

Where to next? Bing said there are several ways to stay connected:

  • Help and How-To sections
  • Webmaster Guidelines content
  • Webmaster Blog
  • Email support
  • WebmasterWorld

Matt Cutts on Links, Anchor Text and PageRank

Over at the Google Webmasters channel on YouTube this week, Google’s Matt Cutts answers the question:

Matt Cutts Question Ancor Text

“If you’re telling me that the most important thing for your SEO strategy is knowing what two links from one page do – you know, I understand if people are curious about it – but you might want to step back at look at the higher mountain top of SEO, and your SEO strategy and the architecture of your site, and how is the user experience and how’s the speed of the site and all that sort of stuff,” Cutts said.

Enough said, right? But what’s the real answer, according to Google? Referencing Google’s original document on PageRank, Cutts said if you have two links from one page to another page, both links would flow PageRank.

More on that in the video here

Have a great weekend all!