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As the Director of Marketing, Sudhir Sharma is an experienced expert in the field of traffic acquisition. He and his team spend their time driving traffic to the Movoto site and find new ways to excel in the digital marketing ecosystem. Sudhir regularly blogs at the BrightEdge website and you can check out some of his latest thoughts here. Sudhir connected with us the other day to speak about the upcoming Share conference and we were excited to get his insights about the industry and the upcoming event. Sudhir Sharma Share15 - brightedge

All about Share15

BrightEdge (BE): What will you be speaking about at Share?

Sudhir Sharma (SS): While I am still finalizing the content of my presentation, I look forward to bringing some valuable insight about technical SEO and how it relates to content. At Movoto we have the luxury of using data to support our SEO efforts, but for many new, as well as many smaller companies, it can be a real challenge to allocate resources for traffic acquisitions. You have to figure out how to appropriately structure a team, how to leverage content and optimize it, how to determine if content is helping and in what areas - it can be difficult. You have to find the right vendors that can align with your company’s expectations. I hope to use my presentation to offer valuable insights for these companies so they can understand how to make content optimization work for them.

BE: Why should attendees be sure not to miss your session?

SS: The internet is becoming increasingly saturated with content and information, and businesses have to find a way to rise above that constant chatter. It does not do any good to fill your website with content and not take the time to measure it so that you can see what works and what does not work. I think my presentation will be very valuable for those trying to learn how to maximize their resources and receive the attention they need to make digital marketing work for their brand.

Talking shop

BE: Have you read any good business books or blogs this year that you would recommend to others?

SS: I would highly recommend Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry, Jean Greaves and Tom Parks. I believe that to be an effective leader in any field, you cannot rely on just your own industry knowledge. Instead, you have to understand how to build your team and help them work towards a common goal. You have to be able to think emotionally intelligent and use that insight to structure your team. This book offers great information about how to effectively lead and has benefitted me countless times. In addition to reading that book, I also regularly read online publications like SearchEngineWatch and SearchEngineJournal. The writers there tend to be fantastic and it is a great way to remain updated on the industry.

BE: Can you name one marketing tactic that you have been meaning to try but have not had the chance to?

SS: I would love to try leveraging a link-building team. Backlinks can be so valuable for SEO purposes and establishing the credibility of your site. Using a strong link-building team can help you improve your ranking and drive more traffic.

BE: What interesting industry experiences have you had lately?

SS: At Movoto, we actually have a number of members of our engineering team in Shanghai. I am regularly speaking with them and traveling to meet with them to teach them how to work with Google. We often hit a major gap between these Chinese employees and our workers back here in the States just because of all the restrictions on Google and search engines in China. It provides us with a host of challenges that we are regularly working to overcome.

About BrightEdge

BE: What do you like most about the BE platform?

SS: The BrightEdge platform is an excellent source of the valuable data that I use to grow my content campaigns. It helps me make sure that everything is on track. I have worked with BrightEdge for a while and I look forward to learning more about the platform and the latest capabilities in just a few weeks at Share15!

We look forward to speaking more with Sudhir and the rest of the Share15 presenters this September. To make sure you do not miss out on the excitement, networking and learning, register now.

Early Bird pricing ends July 31!

Conference details September 21-23 Westin St. Francis San Francisco, CA