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Enjoy the Share16 testimonial videos to gain insights from current customers and learn more about SEO maturity. Use them in your own company to help grow SEO maturity and secure more resources for the largest channel.

Every year at the Share conference, the BrightEdge community comes together to exchange ideas and learn more about SEO and digital marketing as a whole for an information-packed three days.

There are countless conferences that take place across the country every year, but Share is unique in its ability to bring together a group of some of the best digital marketers in the industry to learn about elevating SEO strategy and practices within their own organizations. Brands exchange ideas based upon their own experience with the BrightEdge platform and walk away feeling more equipped and ready to mature the digital marketing process in their business.

Throughout the conference, we had the chance to sit down and speak with a number of different customers. These videos are now live and we wanted to bring them to the attention of our audience. The conversations we had with these customers were informative and insightful, and we hope you will like them as well.

Share16 Testimonial videos in the B2B space

Astute Solutions

“In about a 6-month period with the help of BrightEdge, and with the help of the team there... we’ve been about to increase the amount of listings we have on page 1 through 10 by 20% just in 6 months and actually increase our organic site traffic by 60% in that same amount of time.”

- Natalie Skarzynski for Astute Solutions

Natalie describes how BrightEdge helps her and her team move forward, understand the biggest priorities, and create content and strategies that will maximize their impact.  

WhiteHat Security

“With BrightEdge Content, we have the ability to kind of fast-track, the ability to build out optimized and targeted content. The content that we produce out-performed our blog content by 170%.”

- Avi Bhatnagar, WhiteHat Security

Avi spoke about how WhiteHat Security uses BrightEdge to identify Moments that Matter and create content that appropriately targets their customers. He also spoke about the level of support he receives from BrightEdge and how the platform has become a core part of their strategy. Through their successful use of the BrightEdge platform and BrightEdge Content, they elevated SEO and made content an important part of their brand.  

Share16 Testimonial videos in the B2C space


“The first and more important problem that BrightEdge helps me solve for our business in Europe is to make SEO tangible. So we use the Story Builder to really combine all the different data points and the insights that we get with the platform so that we can tell the whole story.”

- Michel Kant, STAPLES Europe

Michel describes how their BrightEdge usage helps them maximize their resources. He is able to use the data from the platform when talking to others and to show the business’s progress.  

Hallmark Cards

“We’re a very small team doing a large amount of optimization for a large organization spanning multiple countries, multiple verticals; and ultimately, the amount of data analysis we can offboard into a system like BrightEdge that can then spit out very, very actionable insights for us, it’s been a game changer.”

- Kelly Rivard, Hallmark Cards

Kelly spoke about how the BrightEdge Share of Voice helped them better understand the optimal directions for growth. Working with Professional Services, she was able to see rapid growth at Hallmark, and uses that case study to continue to replicate their results across different aspects of the site, elevating SEO within the organization.  

Share16 Testimonial videos on the Global level


“By gaining key customer insight through tools like BrightEdge, now you can create more relevant content, more relevant campaigns and messages that really resonate.”

- Kelvin Gee, Oracle

Kelvin spoke about the transformation that many brands are undergoing as they venture from the old way of doing marketing to the new digital strategies- and how BrightEdge can help brands successfully mature in this way. Using the platform, Kelvin and Oracle can better understand what customers want and then produce the content needed to engage with their audience.

“We’re using the BrightEdge Data Cube to inform our content and create intelligent content so that we’re matching the content to the search activity of our target audience.”

- Joyce Boland, Oracle

Joyce explains that BrightEdge has played a core role in the creation of content that better aligns with customers. Rather than creating content based around what they want the customer to know, they now create the content that people seek. They can better develop the material for the entire buyer’s journey.  


“BrightEdge’s platform helps us in a couple of major areas. One of them is in just insight into our SEO data. It also helps us forecast business cases, predictive modeling.”

- Jay Middleton, Adobe

Jay says BrightEdge helps Adobe look globally at their SEO efforts and strategy while also monitoring over a million keywords. They use a variety of the different BrightEdge functions, such as Story Builder, Data Cube, and Share of Voice to better understand their position and strategy.

“Unified BrightEdge platform allows us to very effectively address reporting rather than focusing on just one or two different features, we have a comprehensive view of SEO success and that allows us to actually get more buy-in.” Kirill explains that BrightEdge helps Adobe succeed on a global scale. They can use the platform to improve their organic traffic rates and elevate their SEO success.

Share16 Testimonial videos from agency customers

Overdrive Interactive

“BrightEdge actually helps us solve several problems. First, we use it as a business development tool. Second, we use it as a benchmarking tool to get an idea of where the client is sitting and also from a competitive set. And then thirdly, from a reporting standpoint always showing that we’re doing a great job for our clients and success,”

- Jeff Selig, Overdrive Interactive.

Jeff describes how his agency often works on a variety of different initiatives. They use BrightEdge dashboards to clearly display their performance metrics. They build their dashboards specifically to speak to those in the c-suite to show the work and success of the marketers.  

97th Floor

“One of my favorite real specific features that BrightEdge has, that really no one else has that we found in the company, is the Quick Answers and the reporting tools around Quick Answers.”

- Chris Bennett, 97th Floor

97th Floor founder Chris Bennett was one of our keynote speakers this year at Share, and he offered some great insights into the power of Quick Answers in the optimization process. In his video here, he speaks about how BrightEdge supports him in these efforts and helps him elevate SEO with his clients.  

Noble Studios

“We see improvement across all our clients in performance, we see lift in conversion. We use BrightEdge across all of our accounts, and there is no way that we could replicate the speed and the workflow automation that the platform allows us to do across all of our clients.”

- Michael Thomas, Noble Studios

Michael Thomas of Noble Studios spoke about how the Story Builder on the BrightEdge platform lets them really see the impact that SEO is having on the organization as a whole. The platform is at the core of how they tell the stories of success to their clients.    

Be Found Online

“BrightEdge, well for me, it’s the most complete and comprehensive solution that just gives us everything in one place.”

- Bob Dearsly, BFO

Bob Dearsly of Be Found Online spoke about the importance of moving forward in SEO. Everything is in a perpetual state of change in this industry, and BrightEdge provides BFO with the tools they need to provide for their clients. The BrightEdge testimonial videos from Share16 are now live for your enjoyment.

This is just a sampling of the many people who so generously took the time to speak to us about how they use BrightEdge to succeed. It was great to speak with so many customers and hope that you find their remarks as insightful as we did. You can check out all of the videos on our testimonial page

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