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Matt Saunders
M Posted 8 years ago
t 1 min read

Replatfrom and Migration

The BrightEdge platform can provide detailed reporting and analysis following site migrations for you when you're looking to track results. Whether moving to a new CMS or changing your domain address entirely, BrightEdge provides the tools to successfully manage major technical site updates. Talk with your agency CSM prior to implementing major technical site updates for additional ideas.

Dashboards: Side-by-side comparison of two domains makes tracking transfer of rankings for target terms from the old domain to new domain extremely simple. track results old domain vs new - brightedge

Site Audit: Visualize technical errors trended over time and quickly identify any SEO issues immediately upon site launch. Track Results with Site Audit for a New Site - brightedge

Data Cube: Track results and aggregate performance of the new domain vs. old domain to demonstrate successful transition of rankings across the BrightEdge 3 million+ Data Cube keyword index. Learn to Track Results with Data Cube Aggregate Performance Tracker - brightedge