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Keyword Visibility

For Share15 we are excited to have Jumpshot join us as a sponsor. They are also going to be hosting a lab where our attendees can go to learn more about trying to compete in the modern, saturated web.

We had the chance to sit down and chat with Randy Antin of Jumpshot and discuss the marketing industry as well as what the brand plans to share during their lab. Randy is the VP of Marketing and previously worked for Gap Inc, Perfect Escapes and Travelocity. He offered us some exciting insights, and we know that we are eager to see what their latest technology can offer.

All about Jumpshot

BrightEdge (BE): Can you tell us a little more about your business? Randy Antin (RA): Jumpshot is a marketing analytics platform that helps marketers understand their customers’ entire online lives. Users can easily access information such as the key sources of traffic to their site, the browsing and buying behavior on a website and where customers go once they leave the site. The Jumpshot platform makes it easy to map that entire customer journey.

The challenges of digital marketers

BE: What are the biggest challenges you feel digital marketers face in 2015? RA: Digital marketers often have deep insight into the performance of their own digital channels and website activity, but they don’t know what their customers are doing the 99.9% of the time when they are visiting other sites. How can marketers know how to provide the right content at the right time to their customers when they only understand a tiny slice of their online lives? With the ever-growing list of marketing opportunities, brands must make choices about what will be best for their business to drive customer acquisition and to help them continue the conversation with their existing customers. How can they decide which ones are truly best with this limited information? This is the biggest query of marketers today: how do I truly know where to engage my unique company’s audience. Sure, everyone is on Facebook and everyone uses Google. But is Pinterest really an essential place for me to be? Maybe I need to focus more on YouTube because my audience loves engaging with video even if they don’t come directly to my site as a result. We have found that these challenges are common for marketers across various industries. At Jumpshot, we address these problems.

BE: How important is it to understand the complete online customer journey? RA: Understanding the customer journey is critical in order to best optimize existing marketing activity and to launch new programs. For search, how can you optimize your SEO strategy if you don’t know which keywords convert best, which keywords are effective for your competitors or what your customers do next if they arrive on your page but do not make a purchase? Jumpshot provides a similar level of insight across all marketing channels so that you can qualify your investments and ensure that every program is receiving its proper attribution.

The incredible Share15 audience

BE: Can you tell us a bit about your lab at Share? RA: In our lab, we will discuss how to bring visibility back into the world of search. Since the search engines made their move to encrypted search both in paid and natural, marketers have been forced to rely on hacks, workarounds and estimations rather than actual visits and conversions. Our product is designed to show marketing experts not only how to regain exact keyword visibility, but also how to tie those keywords to conversions - for any website.

BE: What are you excited most about for Share? RA: We are huge fans of BrightEdge and the service their platform provides to their savvy customers. We think the technology complements our offerings perfectly. We know that the attendees of Share15 will not only understand the immense value that Jumpshot’s Keyword Elite product can return for them, but we think that this audience will also get extremely excited about what we’re offering. We want to partner with everyone to bring back a level of transparency to their search programs that has been taken away over the past few years.

All in fun

BE: Can you tell us something fun about yourself, Randy? RA: Sure! I’m an artist in my spare (ha) time. In my alternate life, I am an artist focused on abstract oil painting and needlepoint. Yes, needlepoint. On business trips, I can be spotted in airports and planes around the world with needles and yarn, which makes for occasional interesting conversations with travelers. Speaking with Randy and the rest of the Jumpshot team is always a pleasure and we cannot wait to continue the conversation in just over a month at Share. We encourage all our attendees to come and participate in these informative labs to see the latest industry technology in person. If you have not registered yet for Share15, make sure you do not miss this incredible opportunity. We look forward to seeing you there.

Conference details September 21-23 Westin St. Francis San Francisco, CA