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Matt Saunders
M Posted 9 years ago
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Digital Marketing

Did You Know… That the BrightEdge platform can automatically QA the implementation of optimized content recommendations in just a few steps? BrightEdge can help to save valuable time and resources while ensuring that content recommendations are loaded to spec. Talk with your agency CSM for more information!

Example Scenario – You're building workflows where your SEO team is responsible for identifying pages to optimize and the client is responsible for implementation of those recommendations. Once implemented the SEO team must QA all updates.

  1. Determine which pages can be improved via on-page content updates by utilizing the Recommendations Engine. Determine opportunities based on page priority and/or number of outstanding recommendations.

keep an eye on page seo when building workflows

  1. Select a page and launch into on-page content recommendations by selecting “Optimize My Page”. Choose the individual page elements you’d like to update (e.g. Page Title, Meta Description, Heading tags, etc.). Input the desired content to be updated on the page and assign a user to take action.

Optimize Specific Pages when building workflows

  1. Once the BrightEdge platform identifies that the defined content recommendations have been implemented the task will automatically be “closed” out in the Task management system!

Task Management when building workflows - brightedge 

Use BrightEdge when building workflows for efficiency and best QA practices.