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Albert Gouyet
M Posted 13 years ago
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I'm very excited to announce some of the new features that we have incorporated into BrightEdge. If you are a BrightEdge customer, you should have received a more detailed description by email.  Of course, your  Customer Success manager is available anytime if you have any questions. Multiple Listings This is definitely one of the more exciting features that enable a deeper level of visibility into your SEO performance. BrightEdge now tracks all your and your competitors’ page listings in the top 100 positions  in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for every keyword. This feature provides greater visibility into your web presence and how well are you saturating the results. Multiple Listings are very useful for many cases:

  • It provides a greater view into your Share of Voice. For example your site might rank in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 8th positions for particular keyword and your share of voice will report that you have a greater presence in the top 10 search results
  • You can now track pages on your site that might be competing or stealing SEO from your target page
  • When optimizing a new page for a given keyword, you can now track the progress for that new page as it takes over your existing top ranked page.

Multiple listings are collected automatically and do not require any manual keyword to page pairings. User Profiles We are introducing multiple user roles into the platform:

new brightedge enhancements

  • Standard User: This is the role all of our users have been accustomed to so far with the typical capabilities
  • Standard Read Only:  can access all the information a standard user has, but cannot make changes to keywords, keyword groups, competitors, etc.
  • Dashboard Read Only: only has access to the dashboards, making it possible to provide well defined SEO reports to large amounts of users in an enterprise
  • Admin User: has the ability to create/edit/delete users and the accounts they have access to

new brightedge enhancements

Dashboard Enhancements We have introduced numerous enhancements to our customizable dashboards.

  • Weekly email delivery of dashboards in PDF format
  • Ability to create trended stack reports by keyword groups for multiple accounts
  • Ability to create Share of Voice reports for keyword groups and keywords for multiple accounts
  • Custom Y axis range
  • Stacked bar charts can show rankings from all positions 1 – 100

We want to thank all of our customers for their great feedback and continued support of the BrightEdge platform. As the leading SEO Platform we continue to innovate at a rapid pace.  As always we encourage you to give your feedback so that we may continue to provide the best user experience available.