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Gabby Regalbuto
M Posted 4 years ago
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Technical SEO

When search engines evaluate websites, they do not only look at the content on a particular page but also how that page connects to the rest of the digital ecosystem. How other websites and reputable brands engage with your site gives the search engines valuable signals about the authority of your own content.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks, or links that point from outside web pages back to your own site, provide your content with a number of different benefits. First, Google looks at backlinks to better understand how this particular piece of content should be viewed. Content that receives numerous backlinks from other sites with positive reputations appear more reputable. A good backlink strategy can help build the reputation of the site and boost your an awesome backlink strategy - brightedge

Additionally, even though many people create backlinks to sites and mark them as ‘no follow’, they still provide benefits. Google has already said that they will begin to view ‘no follow’ commands more as a suggestion in their algorithm starting in the beginning of 2020, even though they previously ignored them completely. Furthermore, this backlink strategy can still drive traffic and engagement to your site, regardless of whether or not the link itself was ‘counted’ by Google as a positive point toward your reputation.

Consider also that if your site regularly receives backlinks from others in the industry build a reputation for your organization. Customers who often see the name of your business or your business leaders across various websites and publications will come to view you as a thought leader. This can boost their confidence in your organization and help give your site credibility as a thought leader, and 82 percent of c-suite leaders say that thought leadership encourages them to engage with brands.

This additional publicity also helps to build your brand awareness and recognition. In turn, this keeps your organization on the forefront of the minds of potential customers, encouraging them to engage with your organization when they find themselves evaluating options.

To build a strong backlink profile, you want to engage in a positive backlink strategy. You want to cultivate links from solid sites within your industry and customer demographic. Links that come from sites with poor practices and bad reputations will not provide your site with an advantage. Although you can disavow these links, all site owners should do what they can to prevent their sites from being associated with unsavory sites.

Cultivating a backlink strategy can help you build the backlinks you want to see from your site. Here is what you need to know.

Why is a backlink strategy important?

A content-driven backlink strategy is important because it encourages your brand to focus on thought leadership and building a positive reputation within your online space. It allows for more natural backlink building, encouraging people to view your business in a positive light. 

By focusing on using strong content to build a backlink strategy, your brand name becomes associated with positive situations. You begin to cultivate your reputation across the digital space in a variety of different channels and publications. This will result in a big impact on your SEO results.

3 proven tactics for building a content-driven backlink strategy

  • Surveys
  • Research
  • Newsjacking

1) Surveys

Conducting surveys builds insight into your customers and their individual needs. You gain a better understanding of the customers your organization targets and what they think. You will learn more about their pain points and the obstacles they face as they work to improve these situations.

As you get to know your customers better, your marketing becomes more powerful. You can speak more directly to these targeted customers with material specifically aimed at their needs. This helps you create more targeted content and engage your readership. The content you create will be more likely to spread across multiple channels and entice people to link to it.

Additionally, taking surveys lets customers know that you care about them and their experiences. They begin to trust your organization more to address their needs and place them first. This also enhances your reputation, encouraging people to read and share your material.

Finally the results of your survey can provide content for publishing and PR coverage. You can share the insights you gain with others in your industry. As you drive interest in these results, you will naturally create opportunities for people to link back to your original results and commentary. 

2) Research

what is a backlink strategy - brightedgeResearch provides you with excellent opportunities to add original and helpful knowledge to your industry and niche. You have the chance to provide something of immediate value for your field. This encourages others to look to your research and results and create their own content and backlink strategy that incorporates the findings. As people call upon your research in their own content, you will build helpful SEO backlinks. You will also build your reputation as a thought leader, which encourages other people to look to you for ideas and insight. 

As you publish research and new insights for your field, you also present yourself with excellent opportunities for backlink-rich PR and publishing in industry publications. You can create releases on reputable websites that let people know about your interesting results. You can also find opportunities to write about your research and your thoughts on the results for various industry publications.

Altogether, these opportunities with the research present many opportunities for people to link back to your original results, while your name and reputation grow across these different channels.

3) Newsjacking

People today have become accustomed to news on a nearly instantaneous level. Thanks to social media and the 24-hour news cycle people expect to remain regularly updated on what happens near them and around the world. The people interested in your business and industry have also begun to expect regular updates regarding the latest events and developments of interest.

Newsjacking provides you with a great opportunity to become a trusted news source for potential customers. When you are one of the first to break the latest news in your niche, customers and others in the industry begin to see you as someone they can rely on to always have the latest insights. This will help your backlink strategy as people trust your opinion and use your insight to inform their own opinions on the latest developments in the field.

Your brand will become a trusted place to receive news and learn the latest in the industry. You will become an authoritative source of information, which encourages attention and therefore regular linking. It will become easier to tap into the needs of your customers and encourage them to look to you for information.

You can use the news cycle to incorporate the latest developments with your new research and new data you can surface about the industry. This provides you with greater opportunities for thought leadership and engagement.

Backlinks provide your site with a wide range of benefits, including the ability to drive traffic, build a reputation, and help to increase the ranking of a particular page on the SERP. By calling upon a content-driven backlink strategy, you will earn high-quality backlinks through natural means that enhance your site and help to build your business. Use the backlink strategy above to start encouraging other brands to start linking back to your organization.