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Matt Saunders
M Posted 8 years ago
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The BrightEdge platform provides unparalleled insight into the natural search competitive landscape for your clients. BrightEdge gives you the information you need to wow your clients while empowering you to make data driven strategic decisions. Talk with your CSM for more recommendations on driving strategic competitive insights!

  • Share of Voice (SOV): Differentiate your reporting to compare against both “perceived” (tracked) competitors and “actual” (SOV full landscape) competitors. Paint a picture to clients on how they’re performing against most important core competitors and actual market share against all competing sites. 

making data driven decisions - brightedge

  • Data Cube: Identify content gaps and opportunities for expansion for your clients. Explore Data Cube results for any keyword or competitor (including full domain, sub-folder or individual URL). Build a case for developing new content by uncovering new terms that are driving qualified visitors to competitor sites. 

making data driven decisions for your site - brightedge

  • Content Analysis: Compare how competitors are leveraging keywords and marketing copy in the most important on-page elements (including: page title, description, heading tags, body copy). Mirror commonalities such as the primary keyword listed first in the page title and communicate your differentiators within the meta-description. 

using data to make decisions - brightedge

  • ‘Likelihood to Rank’ Analysis: Determine how difficult it will be to improve upon current rank based on offsite factors such as inbound links, anchor text and social media activity. Prioritize low hanging fruit for quick wins while building a long-term strategy for highly competitive keywords. 

use data to make decisions with brightedge