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Hello I’m Jae An, Information Security Manager at BrightEdge, and I’m excited to share an important security upgrade. Before I do, I’d love to walk you through a brief overview of BrightEdge’s InfoSec program. When I joined BrightEdge earlier this year, what I found was a technology company that had already taken great strides in building a secure platform. Typically, a company with ~300 employees would just now start thinking about implementing security policies, however BrightEdge has been committed to building customer trust since the beginning.

In 2007, BrightEdge built SaaS technology with security as a guiding principal, choosing to meet the most stringent security audits – similar to those audits that companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Salesforce undergo.  Our information security program and BrightEdge SEO Platform security features are far more advanced than those of our competitors.  We’re proud to say that BrightEdge's security processes have been validated by dozens of security audits from the largest global financial institutions and technology companies (these leading brands are now BrightEdge customers). We recently have renewed our ISO 27001 security certification based on the new ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards that only a few companies around the world have achieved such newest credential to date.

What’s new – Google Analytics upgrade to OAuth

BrightEdge is committed to protecting the security of your most important data: revenue, conversions, site information, and competitive insights. Today, as part of our commitment to the security and privacy of your data, BrightEdge is upgrading the integration between our users BrightEdge accounts and Google Analytics (GA). In line with Google’s move to secure search, BrightEdge is increasing the security and privacy of your data by upgrading all integrations to OAuth, an open protocol that is industry standard and recommended by Google.

How to upgrade your security settings in BrightEdge

Existing customers will need to make a small change in their BrightEdge account in order to continue to see Google Analytics data in their reports and dashboards. At BrightEdge, we’re all about self-service - we print our boarding passes in advance, select concert seats online, and fly through the self-checkout line at Home Depot, giving us more time to focus on weekend DIY projects. And, we’ve likewise empowered our users with a self-service integration wizard to setup their Google Analytics integrations. We’ve recorded a quick video that walks users through a simple five-step process to upgrade their Google Analytics accounts to OAuth. In the video Sudhir, BrightEdge’s Senior Manager of SEO demonstrates how BrightEdge upgraded our own BrightEdge account to OAuth.

To learn more about our commitment to enterprise security please visit our webpage, and please check out our blog post to learn more about our customizable self-service security settings.