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How cool would it be to tap into a huge data repository and perform on-demand research – just like you would in a regular search engine? Wouldn’t it be great, to gain actionable insights to guide your content marketing plan based on the keywords and topics that drive traffic and conversions? You got it. For more than six years, we’ve been cultivating the BrightEdge Data Cube, which has been at the foundation of BrightEdge S3, powering our Customizable Recommendations, Search Opportunity Forecasting, Page Reporting and much more. With our latest release, we’re pleased to announce that customers now can gain direct access to the Data Cube via our on-demand research capabilities.

What exactly is the Data Cube?

The BrightEdge Data Cube is a massive content repository, the industry’s largest data set made up of billions of pieces of information which includes: keywords, search terms, rich media, and content, along with its performance on the web. BrightEdge now processes more than 100 terabytes of data per week. Hear our CTO and Co-Founder Lemuel Park discuss our story about the BrightEdge Data Cube.

Here’s how the Data Cube works …

You can perform URL-based or keyword-based research in real time. There are two ways to access the Data Cube’s information:

  • Freeform search, which lets you enter a keyword or URL in the same way a Google search is performed. 
  • Goal-based research, which helps you quickly identify the data that matters most, and that aligns SEO and content with business outcomes. Check out the following examples:

Goals You Can Select

Why it Matters

Identify high volume keywords – Find related keywords with volume greater than 1,000 and develop new content to drive traffic and engagement Focus on popular keywords that drive the highest demand
Discover long tail keywords – See results which contain more than 3 words in a phrase that are driving competitive performance Identify less competitive keywords that convert better
Explore high value keywords  – Find keywords with a value greater than 80 and prioritize efforts Hone in on higher converting keywords
Uncover videos and rich content – Identify competitors running successful rich content strategies and find other ways to rank in the SERP Discover new content opportunities and increase visibility in the SERP

But we didn’t stop there with the Data Cube. We know data is only as useful as the actions that can be gleaned from it. So, we’ve taken our Data Cube engine a step further; in addition to being a research tool, information uncovered in the engine integrates into BrightEdge S3. So, for example, after you’ve discovered the keywords that are working well for competitors, you can prioritize them in BrightEdge S3 for your own marketing efforts.

More news: custom security settings in BrightEdge S3

BrightEdge is committed to protecting the security of your most important data. That’s why we built our SaaS technology with security in mind from the start, designed to undergo the same stringent audits companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Salesforce undergo. Our latest release expands on our pre-existing security solutions with self-service security management. What that means to you is:

  • The ability to extend your existing security policies to your BrightEdge account.
  • Ensuring all your users are following best practices and complying with internal security policies.

Self-service security features include:

  • Flexible password policies: Password management to match your security policies including password expiration, disallowing recycled passwords and enforcing special characters.
  • Sophisticated session settings: Complete control with session-timeout settings and security controls to lock an originating IP address.
  • Trusted IP address ranges: Restrict access to your IP ranges, preventing unauthorized access.

We hope you take advantage of all the new features included in BrightEdge’s latest release. As always, we’re committed to be your best partner in enterprise SEO.