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Nag Patta
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Whether you’re a marketing expert, data analyst, or social media guru, Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City is the place to be this week. Between the speakers, the sessions, and the events, Adobe Summit provides the perfect place for industry professionals to share innovative strategies, demonstrate marketing knowledge, and gain hands-on experience in the digital marketing world. Don’t miss out on the chance to partake in one of the marketing industry’s biggest events—and take a break from all the excitement on the slopes! If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to sign up.    


From Seattle Seahawks legend Richard Sherman to Yancey Strickler, CEO and co-founder of Kickstarter, Adobe has collected an impressive and inspirational group of speakers for this year’s Summit. Be sure to take advantage of all the knowledge at the event and visit as many talks as you can to gain a variety of new tactics and information. Here are our picks for the five speakers you definitely won’t want to miss this year:

Robert Redford As an award-winning actor and director, Redford knows what it means to keep reinventing and innovating in your career. Hear his take on staying inspired in both professional and personal life. General Session: The Reinvention of Marketers Wednesday, March 26; 9:00am in Hall DE

Richard Sherman After playing football for Stanford University (by way of Compton, CA), Sherman understands the value of hard work to accomplishing big things. He joins Robert Redford to discuss motivation and change. General Session: The Reinvention of Marketers Wednesday, March 26; 9:00am in Hall DE

Eric Stonestreet Most of you know him from his Modern Family fame, but Stonestreet joins Adobe Summit to help demo the latest innovations from Adobe (and keep everything fun!). General Session 3: Sneaks Wednesday, March 26; 5:00pm in Hall DE

Yancey Strickler As the CEO and co-founder of crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, Strickler has learned marketing lessons from day one. Hear him discuss what he's figured out. General Session 1: The Reinvention of Marketing Tuesday, March 25; 8:30am in Hall DE

Shawn Burns In his time as SAP's Global VP of Digital Marketing, Burns has experienced and developed B2B and B2P marketing strategies. Learn the difference, and  both are important, during his session. SAP's Business-to-People (B2P) Marketing Strategy Thursday, March 27; 9:30am in Ballroom F


With myriad sessions to choose from at Adobe Summit, filtering your picks down to your industry is a great way to tailor your experience and get the most insight out of your trip to Salt Lake. Choose from Marketing Analytics, Personalization and Optimization, Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Social Marketing, Web Experience Management, Marketing Innovations, Digital Advertising, or Hands-on Labs. No matter your area of expertise, there’s something for every kind of marketer. Here are our picks for the five sessions to make sure you hit:

SoLoMo: The Convergence of Channel and Opportunity Learn how to make sure your marketing strategy is optimized for SoLoMo (social, local, and mobile). Thursday, March 27; 3:00pm in Ballroom H

Search Marketing Roudtable: Meet, Participate and Learn Come learn and teach about some of the biggest topics in the search marketing industry. Make your voice heard at the Summit. Thursday, March 27; 11am in 150DEF

People Over Profit: Break the System, Market with Purpose, and Be Even More Profitable Make people your priority, not profits. Learn from Dale Partridge, founder of, about the seven core beliefs shared by consumers, marketers, and business leaders who are breaking the cycle of putting profits over people. Wednesday, March 26; 2:00pm in Ballroom G

Shut Up and Play the Hits: The Latest in Adobe Analytics Tips and Tricks With over 75 new features released in the past in the past 12 months, Adobe is on top of analytics. Learn about these new capabilities and how they could help your brand.


With all the marketing industry discussions going on during the day, we’ve got to find a way to unwind at the end of the day. Adobe Summit has that covered, too. Here are the after-hours event to make sure you attend:

Summit Bash Sponsored by MRM//McCann and featuring Grammy-award winning band Vampire Weekend, the Summit Bash is the nighttime highlight of Adobe Summit. With stand out food, drinks, and entertainment, use this evening to relax and enjoy the company. Industry Mixer If you’re looking for networking opportunities during your time in Salt Lake, you won’t want to miss the Industry Mixer. On Thursday, take the opportunity to discuss learnings and takeaways from the conference and solidify industry connections.  

Insider Tips

If we’ve learned anything from Adobe Summit in years past, it’s the importance of being prepared. To make the most of your experience next week, check out these five insider tips to remember before, during, and after the event:

1. Make a list of topics you're interested in. It's hard to see everything, so build a ranked list and decide what sessions or speakers are top priority.

2. Take advantage of the Adobe practice sessions; they can offer hands-on learning and advice.

3. Be sure to chat with the speakers after their sessions to get all of your questions answered and connect face-to-face.

4. If you're interested in evaluating technology, make sure to get a product demo and ask specific questions. With such little time and so many people, make sure you're asking about the features that matter most to you.

5. Have fun! Don't miss the Summit Bash, enjoy the diverse cuisine, and get out to the slopes on Ski Day.   Hope all this information helps you make the most of your Adobe Summit experience! Be sure to stop by the BrightEdge booth (#717) at the tradeshow Monday-Wednesday and say hi. You could win a prize!