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Erik Newton
M Posted 9 years ago
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Newton joined BrightEdge in July of 2014 and is the senior director of marketing demand generation. He manages a team of five and co-manages the inside sales reps with his colleague in Sales. He was the 3rd BrightEdge customer at Netflix 6 years ago. Newton earned his MBA at the International University of Japan and his BA in English from UCLA.  We all want to make effective career decisions that balance our need for growth, opportunity, relationships, the commute, and of course, compensation.

When we first come out of school or when we are in between jobs, it’s easy to fall for the first company that produces an offer letter. However, we should find companies that are a good fit for our personalities and work styles. I’ve worked for a number of notable companies in Silicon Valley, and a few in other countries, so I have a pretty decent sample when I say that BrightEdge is the best company I have ever worked for. I thought I’d share 15 reasons I chose this company.

1. Growth: Growth makes work exciting, stimulating, and fun. BrightEdge adds about 5 people every 2 weeks, so you see evidence of growth all around you. Growth makes small opportunities large and small problems small. Growth is the most powerful accelerant to gaining responsibility faster than your cohort.

2. Opportunity to grow: Company growth means you can grow personally, too. It makes it easier to be a bigger leader when the company has a healthy appetite for new leadership. BrightEdge management hires people who want to be promoted and creates paths for that to happen.

3. Pre-IPO company: The Silicon Valley is the world capital of venture-backed businesses, and being part of a venture company is valuable for future venture opportunities. Every day feels like you are writing a page in the story of the company’s success. The pre-IPO company gives employee-owners access to more chunky income events than regular companies. Our last round of funding was large at $42 million, so we have the resources to expand our aspirations. We are already a global company with offices in London, Tokyo, and Sydney.

4. Industry-leading product: Head-to-head, we win over 85% of the time against our competition because we’re true innovators and provide the most value.

5. The BrightEdge values: Customer success, people success, striving for excellence, urgency, winning; working at BrightEdge is rather consistent with these values. Every day at least one or two of these values drive decision making. It’s real. It’s authentic. It matters.

6. Focus: We focus on the right things: happy customers, the best product, urgent execution, and winning all the way. If you have ever been forced to focus on the wrong things, you will recognize why this is so important.

7. Work ethic: People at BrightEdge work hard and get the job done on time. From the execs to the office manager, people care about their productivity and keeping their commitments.

8. Size. A mid-size company of 300 people means that you get a good-sized portfolio of work and that you can influence the outcome and the market cap. We all matter at this size.

9. B2B company: Most of the top companies in Silicon Valley make money selling to other companies. The planning and development cycles are more realistic and the margins are better than business-to-consumer.

10. BrightEdge beating the odds. Only one in 10 venture companies succeed, and only one in 110 make it to more than $100,000,000 valuation. BrightEdge’s success in terms of valuation has blown those odds away.

11. Numbers-driven rational approach. We manage by the numbers at BrightEdge, so people make good decisions and make them quickly and with confidence. Many of our executives came from Salesforce, the most successful SaaS company in the world.

12. Full of wicked-smart people. There are a lot of bright people here, but everyone does a good job of hiding it. Egos are not outsized, and we all work towards the same goals with mutual respect.

13. Outstanding onboarding program. BrightEdge has the best-organized onboarding program I have come across. Every single employee at every level goes through the same training with the same instructor and comes out the end of the week certified on the BrightEdge product. That consistent experience increases the connections between groups and people.

14. Youthful energy. We hire a lot of people right out of college and lots of mid-career people like me, so we have a fun and energetic environment that leverages both groups.

15. Founder-led company: Founder-led companies have more heart and soul, more passion and a clearer sense of purpose. So, if you like to work hard in a healthy environment full of smart people led by committed founders or if the other reasons resonate with you, apply to join our team at BrightEdge!