The Most Comprehensive SEO and Data Platform

BrightEdge and Oncrawl have joined forces. Together, these companies will provide Marketers with the most comprehensive data and technical SEO platform, as well as the most flexibility.

Holistic SEO strategies require high-quality enterprise data with strong technical capabilities. BrightEdge's comprehensive SEO suite, along with Oncrawl's technical SEO capabilities, represent the future of SEO.

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Your Questions Answered

The SEO landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. Our users have more demands on them than ever. They need the most accurate data and reporting, technical SEO excellence, and now the ability to master data science for SEO. BrightEdge has been a leader in enterprise SEO, with the largest number of sophisticated SEO deployments. Oncrawl has been evolving the practice of data science and building a scalable platform for the most flexibility. By combining the shared vision of both companies, we think both BrightEdge and Oncrawl users will have the best of both companies to help accelerate their SEO programs.

Both companies will continue to run independently, and customers will benefit from innovation from both.

With this new combination, BrightEdge and Oncrawl now provide customers with the most flexibility in SEO deployments. For SEO, some scenarios require technical crawlers to be integrated into a broader platform for things like site governance and ongoing SEO hygiene. Other scenarios demand highly customized crawls and data modeling to pinpoint what optimizations need to occur. Accommodating both is complicated for enterprise organizations, especially if they need to leverage multiple toolsets to address diverse use cases in parallel. Now, these scenarios are addressable under one umbrella and customers can focus on tasks at hand without going from platform to platform. Regardless of the scenario and specific deployment need, BrightEdge and Oncrawl have the flexibility to accommodate any customer.

In addition to this BrightEdge customers in the future will have access to some of Oncrawl’s technologies as a part of their subscription. Furthermore, Oncrawl customers will also in the future have access to some BrightEdge Autopilot technologies as well. We are working through the details and plan to have an announcement on how these technologies will be made available to both our customers in May.

BrightEdge and Oncrawl will formally announce joint offerings in May. Both companies will continue to run independently and there will be no changes in pricing or offerings. BrightEdge customers will have access to some parts of Oncrawl’s platform as a part of their regular subscriptions, which will be announced in May.

All BrightEdge customers will have access to some parts of Oncrawl technologies free of charge as a part of their regular BrightEdge subscription. There are some custom-scheduled scenarios e.g., large sites and bespoke environments which may be priced separately. We believe most BrightEdge customers will be able to leverage Oncrawl technologies free of charge.

BrightEdge will continue to execute on our current roadmap and provide to bring the best of SEO technologies all in one platform. Oncrawl will also continue to invest and innovate in the areas of technical SEO and data sciences. Both companies will share technologies and support the SEO community.

ContentIQ is integrated into the BrightEdge platform. BrightEdge customers who are already leveraging the core platform and BrightEdge’s ContentIQ can continue those workflows for enterprise governance and running audits. This will continue to be the case and ContentIQ as a platform will continue to evolve and will be an enabler for future Oncrawl features within the BrightEdge platform.

However, there may be scenarios for some customers where they need to be able to perform tasks outside of BrightEdge, e.g., more complex data science-oriented tasks in their crawls and log file analysis to complement the work they are already doing. Then utilizing a separate instance of Oncrawl might be feasible.

As a part of launch in May, existing BrightEdge customers will have access to the Oncrawl platform. We are working through the details of how this will be offered to our customers. As both companies jointly work on R&D, we expect to see more Oncrawl innovations appearing in BrightEdge platforms and vice versa.

Absolutely. We believe that this partnership gives Oncrawl additional access to technology, customers and scale. Oncrawl has chosen to stay independent, and we believe it will thrive, bringing more innovation to a wider customer base. BrightEdge customers will also benefit from getting the best of both worlds in terms of technologies from both BrightEdge and Oncrawl. With this partnership Oncrawl plans to further bolster its R&D efforts and expand its offerings.

Oncrawl has decided not to change any of its offerings, prices, branding, and support model as a part of this acquisition which Oncrawl believes is the best for the SEO community.

No technology will be sunset as a part of this launch. All branding, pricing, and offerings will stay the same across both companies.

That’s good news. Both companies operate independently, and it is likely that your deployments are independent, which in that case you might want to keep them independent. As both companies have combined you may be able to consolidate Oncrawl licensing as a part of your BrightEdge subscription. Details around this will be released in May as a part of the formal launch.

In the meantime, if you have access to both the technologies, please reach out to your BrightEdge Account Management team.