BrightEdge Announces Local Search Management

On the Heels of Google Introducing Google+ Local, BrightEdge is First to Innovate Again

San Mateo, Calif - June 8, 2012 - BrightEdge, the global leader in enterprise SEO, today announced Local Search Management, enabling clients to optimize their search rankings for location-specific searches. The development of Local Search Management addresses the growing importance of local results, which affects some of the most common searches for terms like "coffee," "ATM," or "hotel."

BrightEdge's announcement follows on the heels of Google's recent move to support local search as part of Google+ Local, and BrightEdge S3 is the first SEO platform to support the new approach. With this announcement brands can be assured that BrightEdge keeps them ahead of the changing search landscape, and will be first to deliver innovations they need.

With BrightEdge's Local Search Management, industry leading companies like HeBS Digital, a New York City hospitality marketing agency with over 1,500 hotel clients, can optimize content more effectively across geographic locations to give hotels a competitive SEO advantage. Local Search Management easily identifies variations in search performance based on geographic location of the query. "Geography is paramount in travel," said Jason Price, Executive Vice President at HeBS Digital. "Getting visibility on how the hotel ranks based on the origin of the search allows us to make informed decisions on how to optimize SEO. At HeBS Digital, hyper-local SEO is core to the business of managing our hotel clients and giving them the competitive advantage they need to grow the direct online channel."

"Our 2,000+ brands rely on BrightEdge to innovate fast and keep them ahead of the changes made in search, like Google's recent Google+ Local announcement," said Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge. "We are very pleased to be the first SEO platform to offer Local Search Management in an integrated platform, and to announce it with the support of an industry leader like HeBS Digital, and then introduce it to our rapidly-growing base of top-tier travel, financial services, consumer, and retail brands that we support worldwide."

"We always suspected that the brands that rank on common terms varied massively by location, and our research powered by BrightEdge Local Search Management proves it," said Brad Mattick, Vice President of Marketing at BrightEdge. "We applied our new and unique Local Search Management technology across typical hospitality and travel search terms in five key metropolitan areas: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston. The results showed huge variation in rankings for brands ranging from 22% to 63% per search term. Being able to show local SEO performance side-by-side across locations in a single glance surfaces gaps by location that brands can now better target for improved organic search rankings."

Available to select BrightEdge customers and partners today, BrightEdge Local Search Management includes:

  • Support for local search tracking in 6 major cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and London
  • The ability to track local search performance side-by-side in BrightEdge's industry leading dashboards
  • Full analysis of local performance by keyword group in BrightEdge S3
  • Visibility into search from local feeder markets as well as corresponding destination venues
  • Local support for local search with BrightEdge Customer Success staff available in San Mateo CA, New York City and London

This announcement comes on the heels of BrightEdge's recent social SEO case studies with Twitter, inclusion in Facebook's Preferred Marketing Developer program, and its patent for SEO Share of Voice. BrightEdge has established an unmatched track record of innovation and achieved a clear leadership position in SEO technology.


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