Nestlé's Meritene and NEO Agency Grow Organic Traffic & Take Top Rank

Veronica Diaz, Digital Manager, Nestle Health Science Spain outranks Wikipedia

page one rankings
visits by Q4, up from 435 in Q1


MERITENE®, a brand of Nestlé Health Science, offers nutritional products designed to meet the needs of adults over 50 years old, such as ready-to-drink beverages and flavored powders. Due to the characteristics of its target audience, often not being actively digital, Meritene needed to increase its organic relevance through enriched content that added value to its consumers. One of the territories to explore was focused on “Healthy Living” and the food components -- a strong demand territory with an average of 388,000 searches per month.


Working with its seo agency, NEO, to obtain the desired relevance in search engines, the team’s strategy was based on prioritizing keywords with the highest search volume. They first used BrightEdge Data Cube to discover high-value keywords with a minimum of 29,000 monthly searches.

Using BrightEdge Recommendations, they optimized the meta tags and existing content to improve SEO performance. Where content didn’t currently exist they developed SEO-friendly content based on “habits of healthy living” and food suplements using the language their consumers use in search.

From the beginning of the project to the end, Meritene used StoryBuilder Dashboards to track the performance of their content and share successes with the broader team.


Meritene understood and responded to the concerns of its audience in the health space, positioning itself above Wikipedia for terms such as “Resveratrol” or “Healthy Life.” They started from being unranked on generic terms on page one to ranked with more than 90 terms related to health on page one. This increased traffic from a nascent 435 users in Q1 to 67,735 in Q4. Additionally, Meritene has managed to reach 73% more users in its target age range of 45 to 65.

Through BrightEdge data, we are able to create ranked content that allows us to connect with our audience and establish a conversation, to be top-of-mind, and become their main option when making purchase decisions.

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