What is Content Promotion?

Where can I promote my content?

Promoting your content is a comprehensive process that spans the multiple platforms where you hope to reach your target audience through paid content marketing. The right distribution plan will increase exposure to your content, increasing traffic and audience engagement rates. This introduces more prospects into your sales funnel and potentially increases your customers.

Selecting the best content promotion platforms will depend on the types of content you are promoting and the audiences you are hoping to target. For example, if you are using social media to promote a piece to the younger, millennial generation then platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook will be more in line with this demographic. On the other hand, if you are trying to reach experienced professionals, you will bring in more interested readers through LinkedIn.

Promote Your Content In One Of These Ways

How do I create a promotional plan?content promotion best practices - brightedge

To develop an effective content promotion plan, you must first identify your audience. You should know exactly who you are targeting and where they will be on their buyer’s journey through journey maps. This information should inform the content you produce as well as help you identify the best channels for your content distribution plan.

To maximize exposure to your audience, your plan should include a variety of platforms. Consider the audiences that you can target through:

•  Major social media platforms (particularly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+)
•  Your email lists
•  Paid advertising 

Once you have identified your audience and the distribution channels, determine a content promotion schedule that will get your message in front of the right people at the right time. Blasting irrelevant or uninteresting content on various platforms will likely lead to audiences tuning you out. Thoughtfully creating and distributing content will help you develop trust and credibility, and cultivate a stronger and more loyal following.

How do I know if my content promotion is working?

As you distribute your content across multiple channels, you should continually monitor the impact, using dashboards such BrightEdge Storybuilder to view and compare metrics. You can understand how your target audience is engaging with the piece, compare the traffic rate with other pieces, and understand what they did after reading it. These insights help you judge the effectiveness of your distribution plan.

If your content promotion distribution plan is not working, you will need to evaluate if this is due to improper targeting, content that is unappealing to your target audience, or a writing style or voice that is just not engaging. You can run an A/B test, making small changes and noting the impact on engagement and conversion rates, in order to gradually build towards creating effective content.

When properly employed, your content promotion and distribution plan will help you bring in interested readers to explore your content, building your brand and increasing your likelihood of conversion. Taking the time to think about where you to distribute your content and then measuring your success will help you maximize your resources and improve your success rates. 

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