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Data, deep learning, and automation propel today's digital disruption

Digital is disrupting every aspect of how we live. Smart devices collect data to improve how we manage our health and reside in our homes. Deep learning, for example as seen in chatbots and digital assistants, is revolutionizing how we communicate, transact, and even how we make decisions. And automation, exemplified by driverless cars and unmanned aerial vehicles, helps us quickly complete necessary tasks with little effort on our part. This interplay between data, deep learning, and automation has disrupted nearly everything that we experience in our physical what you need to know about digital disruption - brightedge

Digital isruption has redefined the customer journey

As digital marketers, you’ve experienced firsthand a similar digital disruption. The customer journey as we’ve known it no longer exists. It’s not structured, orderly or predictable. Instead, the customer journey is “now fractured into hundreds of new ‘micro’ touchpoints where customers seek real-time content, reviews, shared experiences and guidance online,” according to Altimeter Group. These micro touchpoints represent critical opportunities to understand what our customers are looking for and to deliver the answers that shape their decisions and preferences.

... The customer journey is “now fractured into hundreds of new ‘micro’ touchpoints where customers seek real-time content, reviews, shared experiences and guidance online,” according to Altimeter Group.

The word “disrupt” implies disorder and turmoil. In the wake of great, paradigm-shifting change, confusion ensues as we try to make sense of the loss of structure, order, and predictability that had previously existed. However, digital disruption presents an opportunity - perhaps even an obligation - for transformation. In the wake of disruption, marketers must look for signals, patterns, and other important clues, and quickly put together strategies to pull ahead of the competition. Successful marketers use disruption as a springboard for incredible success.

New digital capabilities are key to winning the moments that matter

This is where organic search is key. Organic is your market-wide voice of the customer, telling you what customers want at scale. Nearly 90 percent of consumers turn to search engines for purchase decisions. And 82 percent of smartphone users consult their phone when making an in-store purchase. We need to seek out these micro touchpoints and then create the experiences and relevant content that attracts and engages customers in these critical moments. To do so, digital marketers must understand the three pillars of digital disruption - data, deep learning, and automation - and must adopt new capabilities to stay ahead and win the moments that matter.

  1. Data is the new currency. Customers seek customized experiences that fulfill what they want, when they want it, and that require little to no effort on their part. In exchange, they leave behind a wealth of personal data - giving companies the information to continue delivering enjoyable experiences. Organic search is your lifeline to understanding what your customers are looking for. Intent data offers in-the-moment context on where customers want to go and what they want to know, do, or buy. Organic search data is the critical raw material that helps you discover consumer patterns, new market opportunities, and competitive threats.
  2. Connect the dots with deep learning. While data is critical, it can be overwhelming and ineffectual unless you have a means of quickly transforming it into actionable insights. Without an army of data scientists at your beck and call, deep learning presents the best means of analyzing huge, complex, and dynamic data sets to determine patterns and derive the insights you need. Deep learning is particularly important in search, where data is copious and incredibly dynamic. Identifying patterns in data in real-time makes deep learning your best first defense in understanding customer, competitor, or market changes - so that you can immediately turn these insights into a plan to win.
  3. Accelerating with automation. Speed in execution is just as important as speed in data analysis. Once armed with insights, immediate action must be the next step. Automation helps you do more with less and execute more quickly. It allows you to manage routine tasks with little effort, so that you focus on high-impact activities and accomplish business goals at scale.

BrightEdge announces innovations at Share16 to help marketers win the moments that Matter

Pairing deep learning and rich insights with search automation, BrightEdge today announced three product innovations to help marketers win the moments that matter.

BrightEdge Data Mind: Every marketer has their own data scientist To deliver highly-customized experiences, digital marketers must first understand what customers care about and need. Knowing this, the BrightEdge data team set out to extract additional meaning from the more than 50 petabytes of data and the billions of pieces of content collected from Data Cube, the industry’s largest content repository, over a more than 7-year period. The result is BrightEdge DataMind, a powerful intelligence layer that instantly identifies consumer trends, competitive threats, and market shifts in real time. Powering the BrightEdge SEO platform, DataMind provides marketers with fresh, accurate and actionable insights to drive successful content strategies.  Learn more about Data Mind here.

BrightEdge Content: Enabling any marketer to create the right content faster With limited time and resources, digital marketers struggle to quickly create content on the topics that their customers care about. And without SEO expertise, they cannot ensure that web pages show up in search to actually reach target audiences. BrightEdge introduces BrightEdge Content, the smart content marketing solution that instantly performs both the analysis and optimization. Powered by BrightEdge Data Mind, BrightEdge Content uses deep learning to automatically identify high-value topics. Any marketer is able to quickly produce content that matches what their customers are looking for. And instant updates ensure that published pages are automatically optimized for search. Using BrightEdge Content, marketers are able to:

  • Target demand: Select from high-value topics identified through deep learning
  • Create smart content: Easy-to-use UI instantly links to existing content
  • Publish fast: Deploy with one-click content that is optimized for search
  • Stay optimized: Maintain SEO-friendliness of published content without additional effort

BrightEdge ContentIQ: Pinpointing and resolving site issues that matter the most to your business In fast-paced, agile environments, multiple teams across an organization are responsible for creating content to engage customers. With so many moving parts, technical errors and unplanned site changes can occur - severely impacting organic search performance and resulting in decreased traffic, conversions and revenue. BrightEdge ContentIQ is the only enterprise-grade solution that helps you pinpoint and fix the critical site errors that drive the greatest benefits to your bottom line. Powered by BrightEdge DataMind, ContentIQ seamlessly incorporates your website data, tying site errors to estimated marketing impact so that you prioritize fixes for maximum results. Using ContentIQ, marketers are able to:

  • Assess: Detect critical site errors with best-in-class crawl technology
  • Prioritize and take action: Fix errors that drive the greatest impact - within a single workflow
  • Measure and monitor: Demonstrate improvements in traffic and revenue as errors are resolved 

If you’re attending Share, please stop by the BrightEdge booth to see demos of our latest product innovations. You can also make plans to join us for Share17, taking place November 13-15th, 2017 in San Francisco, CA.