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Nag Patta
M Posted 11 years ago
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You probably read the news of our second BrightEdge SEO patent called "Collecting and Scoring Online References," which grants to BrightEdge the exclusive rights to the use of its proprietary "Reverse Index" of the web and novel ways to analyze organic search, social signals, and other data to optimize SEO strategies. Yes, that’s a mouthful and I’ll use the Amazing Race to explain, in plain English, yet another example of market-leading discover seo help for your business - brightedgeBrightEdge SEO innovation.

One of the World’s Most Grueling Races

In the show, The Amazing Race, two-person teams race around the world, each team trying to beat out the other teams in an effort to win the big prize—a million dollars. The race is separated into different legs and teams must use strategy, skill, and speed to reach each pit stop before the other teams in order to avoid being eliminated. The team that reaches the pit stop first is awarded for their efforts with a prize such as a trip to an exotic destination. However, while winning a single leg is a great boost to a team’s morale, the ultimate goal is to be the first to reach the final destination and win the money. This is not unlike the race your company undertakes when it comes to using SEO to win high ranking on search engines.

Know Your Competition

If you have ever watched The Amazing Race, you know that the race for a huge prize takes more than skill. A good team analyzes their competition - discovering what their weaknesses and their strengths are. Maybe one team is not physically strong or perhaps there is discontent occurring between the team members. Perhaps their age is a weakness or their lack of organization. Knowing this allows the teams to tailor their strategies to beat competition. A good team also analyzes their own skills so they know what’s working for them and what needs improvement.

Like the Amazing Race, winning the SEO race requires that you understand your competitors and yourself to the last detail - our patented SEO X-Ray does just that. SEO X-ray presents you with the tools to build your SEO advantage so that you can beat your fellow competitors. You will have the power to track your competitors and use that information to devise a plan that will push you ahead of the pack. Understanding your strengths and having the power to analyze what your competitors are doing gives you a clear advantage in this intense competition.

SEO X-Ray Shines A Spotlight On Your Competition

Imagine having the ability to see everything that you want to know about your competitors when it comes to SEO marketing. Knowledge is power and with this kind of information you can redefine your company’s course on the SEO race. SEO X-ray is designed with the intent of showing you what you have never seen before—the strategies of your competitors. You can discover hidden gems of data and use these gems to take your competitors by surprise, turning the tables to emerge victoriously at the top where it really counts. Specifically, SEO X-Ray allows you to answer questions like: What are your competition’s top-ranked pages? What are the target keywords? Do you track these keywords? If not, does it make sense to optimize your pages for these keywords? What are your competitors’ backlink strategies?

Knowing your competition at this depth helps you make really informed decisions on how you can win the SEO race.

SEO X-Ray Helps You Reflect Upon Yourself, Deeply!

Not only will you see your competitors in a whole new way, but you will also be able to look at your own company with a pair of fresh eyes. SEO X-ray reveals things about your SEO performance that you were not aware of before, bringing your company’s strengths to focus.

What keywords are you ranking on that you are not aware of? What pages are ranking for these keywords? Answering these questions uncovers your strengths and helps you capitalize on what is working well for you.

Take Action

All of the information that SEO X-ray gives you will not be of any worth to you without action . This means that you need to implement a marketing plan with this information, using it to formulate your next steps. Use our powerful workflow engine to help:

  1. Receive recommendations regarding optimization of keywords
  2. Create tasks to implement recommendations
  3. Add due dates
  4. Assign owners
  5. Make your competitive strategies pay off fast!

Our Unique Patent

SEO X-ray is basically a technology that gathers keyword information from the world’s major search engines, providing you with an organic search footprint of your company and your competitors’. Similar to a search engine, it searches through terabytes of data to find keywords that rank high for you and your competition, and corresponding pages. With SEO X-ray you can redefine your amazing race and win the big prize of high search engine rank.