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Only two more days until we are live at Share NYC! We’re extremely excited to meet and connect with the BrightEdge community in New York City on May 18.

Share continues to be the premier content marketing and SEO event of the industry, and this first stop to NY during our 2017 roadshow will kick things off with a bang!

For a full list of the sessions and keynote presenters we’ll be featuring this Thursday, be sure to check out the ShareNYC agenda page.

If you’re already registered, be sure to download the official Share NYC app for Android or iOS to preview the agenda and the speaker sessions. In the meantime, here are a few of the key themes in content and SEO we’re exploring this year and some of the sessions we will feature this week at Share.

The Future of Search

Search marketing is more relevant to businesses than ever before, with 51% of all internet traffic on average coming from organic search. That said, Search is in a state of dramatic change, with trends like the fragmentation of the online customer journey and the advent of Voice Search coming into full fruition.

How can the marketing teams of today get in front of the Search of tomorrow?

“Shaping the Future of Search. Together”

Jim Yu, Co-Founder and CEO of BrightEdge shares his thoughts on shaping the future of search and content marketing. As SEO becomes mainstream and a key driver of content marketing strategies, learn how innovation, community and a focus on results will elevate the role of SEO in modern marketing organizations.

“The Future of Search”

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the oldest and most mature digital marketing tactic. But search marketing is more complex than ever: Customers use multiple devices and platforms to “Search”; Google changes its ranking algorithm constantly; and intelligent agents like Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Cortana are looking to compete with market share from traditional search engines. This session will examine today’s trends in the search marketing world and discuss what the future of search might look like.

Convergence of SEO and Content Marketing

The era of SEO and content existing as separate silos within the marketing stack has reached the end. Modern digital marketing strategy understands that the two cannot exist independently of each other, especially if you want to stand any chance of having search visibility against your competitors.

But what does convergence look like, and how can SEOs and content marketers position themselves for what’s next in the market?

Customer Panel #1: “Search as Marketing’s Secret Weapon”

Search is everywhere, search is the future, and search is the new secret weapon of marketing departments. In this session, learn how search, “the heart of marketing”, is driving marketing strategy, content strategy, and even new product development. Then we’ll tip-toe into the future of search to discuss voice, local search, and Intelligent Content.

Fireside Chat: “Powering the Customer Journey of the Future”

What become of the customer journey? Linear, predictable, or shattered into a million “I want to” micro-moments? In this ever-changing digital landscape, how do brands deliver great – and unified – customer experiences? Our speakers will discuss how the modern customer journey requires a deep understanding of consumer intent and alignment across the marketing organization.

Connecting the BrightEdge Community

Fostering community and serving our customers has always been at the heart of the BrightEdge brand. In pursuit of this ideal, we have designed several sessions aimed at helping our SEO, digital, and content communities connect.

“BrightEdge Customer Hero Showcase”

Learn from the best SEOs and content marketers in the BrightEdge community and hear their customer stories. BrightEdge’s Erik Newton and Alex Volk will review 5 case studies focused on identifying, capturing and converting demand and share how the results were achieved.

They will also cover the new BrightEdge training and new certification exams for 2017 and plans to add additional advanced certification levels in the soon-to-be launched “BrightEdge University” and discuss how certification helps drive SEO maturity.

Lastly, they will announce the categories for the BrightEdge Edgy Awards to be awarded in April 2018.

We cannot wait to welcome the BrightEdge customer community to Share NYC this Thursday, May 18!  

If you have any questions about the event, please email