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Elise Gould
M Posted 7 years ago
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Take a proactive, unbiased, and data-driven approach to prioritizing keyword phrases that are realistic to target for your next SEO and Content Marketing initiative with BrightEdge SEO Opportunity Forecasting. This powerful capability within the BrightEdge platform analyzes the competitor page that is outranking you for a target keyword phrase. It then evaluates your website’s page and compares the two based on their Domain Authority, Page Authority, external backlinks, and Twitter/Facebook shares and likes. The result shows you the estimated difficulty in overtaking the competitor page in the SERPs.

This feature brings simplicity to the otherwise complex task of identifying high-value keyword phrases where your website can feasibly compete. BrightEdge identifies those phrases where competing pages have an equal or lower page authority than your website. This allows you to target only those terms that you’ve got a realistic opportunity to secure. This way, time and resources aren’t wasted targeting terms that your website doesn’t currently have the authority to compete against.

4 steps to do your own competitive keyword analysis:

Step 1.

Initial BrightEdge setup

Step 2.

Populate your keyword groups via the Search Volume and Keyword Reporting capabilities of BrightEdge. Use these to ideate and build out a robust list of possible keyword phrases relevant for your products or services. Create keyword groupings, compiling similar phrases around an area of service or product.

learn opportunity forecasting with brightedge

Step 3.

Using the Opportunity Forecast feature of BrightEdge you can now manipulate the view to show you exactly what you are looking to forecast. You can look at multiple models, adjusting via the Forecast Model dropdown, but we’d recommend starting with the Revenue (default) setting.

seo opportunity forecasting dashboard in the brightedge platform

  • Click into the Conversion rate column and adjust the conversion rate for that grouping of keyword phrases based on the historical data that you’ve collected through your website analytics (such as Google Analytics). By default, BrightEdge will calculate on a 2% conversion rate.
  • Click into the Conv. Value column and adjust based on your historical revenue data. By default, BrightEdge will calculate based on a $100 conversion value.
  • Click into Forecast Status column and click “run”. Let the platform do the work!

Step 4.

Export your data sheets to further manipulate your opportunity forecasting data and include in your presentations to support your keyword targeting decisions. Now, you can calculate a potential return on investment or Potential Gain associated with your efforts for the purpose of planning. More importantly, you can calculate the time and effort you’ll have saved by prioritizing keyword phrases that are worth that effort.

Watch this short video on Opportunity Forecasting to explore the BrightEdge capabilities and confidently kick off your next SEO & Content Marketing program.