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Nicole Lopuch
M Posted 4 years ago
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BrightEdge was founded with the mission of making it easier for marketers to deliver a better customer experience and increased performance across all digital channels, content marketing, and organic search. One of the first SEO innovations we introduced in 2008 was Recommendations, which provide marketers with the ability to improve the organic performance of their site with prescriptive instructions for every content page. As new search algorithms have been released and SEO techniques have evolved, BrightEdge recommendations have continuously evolved in lock step with these changes. 

In today’s world SEO is changing faster than ever before. SERPs are evolving and responding using real-time technology. These changes bring more economic opportunities but also make the work of SEOs increasingly complex. Real-time business changes require real-time technology. With BrightEdge Instant we empower marketers to optimize at the speed of search, understand the customer experience as it’s happening, improve workflow and operational efficiency, optimize in real-time, and discover in-the-moment opportunities as they arise.

We’re happy to say BrightEdge Recommendations now leverage real-time technology, and all of our customers have access. Powered by BrightEdge Instant, Real-Time Recommendations now refresh in under 30 seconds! 

Take action on instantly identified content opportunities

brightedge offers real time technology with instant recommendations

  • Gain prescriptive instructions for every content page
  • Open BrightEdge Instant Recommendations in one tab and your CMS in another, make a change, hit Refresh Recommendations and see the change instantly reflected in BrightEdge
  • Surface prescriptive on-page recommendations, including page title, H1 tag, meta description and more

Real-Time Technology Research, Rankings, and Recommendations

BrightEdge Instant is a truly a game changer for SEO. In the two months since we’ve announced this innovation, it’s been met by rave reviews from our customers. Check out this quick video to hear what a few of BrightEdge customers have to say about Instant.