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Content Marketing

An estimated 94 percent of B2B buyers and 81 percent of shoppers say that they use the Internet to research products before making a purchase. With such a large number of people using search engines, organic search offers a tremendous amount of insight into what people are interested in learning about and buying.

You also should not underestimate the impact that organic search can have on the success of your website. Our research here at BrightEdge has found that about 51 percent of the traffic on the average site comes from the SERPs. In other words, more people land on your site because of the results pages for particular queries than because of your email, social media, and paid marketing efforts combined.

Organic search should not be viewed as just one of many different marketing strategies. Instead, it should be the cornerstone of your efforts. Your materials should all be optimized to maximize their appearance on the SERPs. You should also be using the insights that can be gleaned from organic search to inform the rest of your marketing endeavors.

Leverage Data Cube and organic search to guide your merchandizing and product naming

Consumer search can offer insights into the products that people are most interested in as well as what you should be calling those items. The BrightEdge Data Cube is continually monitoring search traffic to see what topics are becoming popular as well as related terms for your search ideas.

For example, we have seen retailers who produce seasonal items, such as ornaments, based upon data that they are able to find through the Data Cube. This information tells them about the themes and ideas that are popular throughout the year and during their peak selling seasons, helping them to know which items will be the most successful and the optimal names to select.

Leverage Data Cube to inform product development

When it is time for your organization to start creating new products or enhancing items already on your product line, organic search can maximize your efficiency and gauge market demand. You will be able to see which products are sparking the most interest through increases or decreases in organic search.

You can then take the information from the Data Cube and compare it to trends within your own sites and the performance of your competitors to create a product line that maximizes your investment.

Leverage Data Cube and organic search to ensure your emails are engaging and effective

All communication from your brand should be tailored to your customers’ interests and needs, including your emails. Emails that are personalized perform best. When you plan your marketing strategy, you should be carefully aligning your target customers with their buyer journeys so you understand what they want to see each step of the way.

You can then use the Data Cube to uncover topics relevant to prospects later in the buyer’s journey, such as your brand versus a competitor or case studies illustrating the value you provide for customers. Since your organic search research will help you understand what people are interested in reading, your emails will be more targeted and helpful, boosting your success rates.

Organic search statistics to boost email marketing with brightedge

Use BrightEdge data to make your PPC spend more efficient

When used correctly, PPC can be highly efficient. Since you only pay when people click and you can target people looking for specific terms, it can be an excellent means of bringing people to your site. Even more importantly, PPC ads have been shown in some studies to even boost visibility and clicks, particularly if your organic result starts to slip further down the page. This can help improve brand reach and maintain a strong reputation. Using organic search data through Data Cube you can make your PPC campaign even stronger. You can research keywords that have the highest traffic and use the BrightEdge Recommendations engine to learn the types of sites that people are most likely targeting with specific queries. You can then create content for your PPC campaigns armed with this insight, positioning yourself well for paid search success.

Recommendation engine and organic search to boost PPC spend - brightedge

Use Data Cube and organic search to guide blog topic creation

Your blogs are an excellent way to attract people to your website and establish your expertise. They offer you a means to provide regular fresh content, which not only pleases the search engines, but also improves your ability to build a bond with your prospects. Using the insight from the Data Cube can serve your blog content creation process in two ways.

To begin, you will be able to create posts that align themselves well with what people seek online. This will increase the traffic to your page and help you to boost engagement.

Secondly, since you are maintaining a steady stream of high-value posts that are tailored to the interests of your target audience, you will have a far easier time building consistent readership and encouraging people to move through the sales funnel.

Organic search statistics can generate blog topics - brightedge 
For a deeper look at how to make quality content an effective value driver, check out our free eBook on Content Marketing Success -- Connecting content marketing efforts to ROI.

Use Data Cube and organic search to outperform competitors

To remain competitive on the SERPs, you need to not only have keen insight into your own marketing strategy, but also what others in your industry are doing. You need to be able to pinpoint keywords for which they rank that you are not. You also want to be able to gauge their performance, including their acquisition of Quick Answers and other special features. Using the Data Cube, you can obtain all of this information. As you analyze their site from an organic search standpoint, you will be able to see where they are excelling in the SERPs and where you need to improve to remain competitive. You can thus adjust your own strategy to achieve a higher success rate.

Organic marketing strategy - brighedge

Organic search is the backbone of a strong digital marketing strategy. It not only drives people to your website, but the insights offered through search trends can help you properly plan and execute your broader marketing course.

Brands that want to employ strong marketing tactics should not neglect the power of organic search and the Data Cube in guiding their success.