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Gabby Regalbuto
M Posted 3 years ago
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Digital Marketing

Daily Pulse is the newest BrightEdge innovation to help our customers gain real-time insights into keywords, performance and competition on a daily basis. 

As Michael Hurley, Director of Product Management at BrightEdge said when asked how Daily Pulse fit into the BrightEdge platform, “It became apparent that having a level of visibility on a daily cadence was important and necessary to our customers.”

Daily Pulse BrightEdge’s response to the questions: 

  • What do our customers need? 

  • How can we help them achieve their SEO goals? 

  • How can we assist in overcoming challenges and beating out competitors?

  • Daily Pulse was created for customers key scenarios

“There was a number of scenarios we heard from our customers which drove us to BrightEdge Daily Pulse,” says Hurley. Customers may need keyword ranking visibility on a daily basis for several reasons. For example, if a customer has a limited number of important keywords that drive a significant traffic volume and revenue to the business, it is important to know when those keywords shift, especially if it’s only for a day. 

If your page is ranking in position one for an important keyword with a high monthly search volume. If your page drops from position one to position two or three, it’ll have an impact on traffic for that day before the site has the opportunity to bounce back. “Given the impact, small moves would have made it necessary to track on a more frequent basis,” Hurley suggests. 

Seasonality is another use case for Daily Pulse. Many e-commerce and services sites have seasonal aspects to their businesses. For some of these sites, there is a need to track specific keywords and keyword clusters during certain times of the year at a granular level. Consider a major retailer in the flower industry, the days and weeks leading up to to Valentine’s Day are an opportune time to understand where you rank for specific keywords when it’s most important for your business. That level of granularity will likely drop-off quickly thereafter, at least until the next major floral-related holiday.

Next, new product launches were an additional reason for establishing Daily Pulse for customers. When brands come out with new products, they add them to their sites and stakeholders often wonder how those pages are doing. Visibility on a monthly basis isn’t enough during the hectic pace of a cross-channel product launch. 

Google’s algorithm updates obviously had a large impact on Daily Pulse making its debut as well. During the December core algo update, we saw winners and losers. “Our customers were able to dig in quickly to be able to ascertain what the impact was to their site,” says Hurley. “Having that visibility on a daily level enabled them to communicate changes internally and explain positive and negative traffic change.”

The functionality of Daily Pulse

  • Tracks keyword on a daily basis and provides visibility into keyword performance

  • Explore specific and macro levels to report information proactively

  • Breaks down page one rankings by groups (e.g. positions 1-3, 4-6, 7-10)

  • Visibility into where there is estimated traffic

  • Perform ad hoc analysis for keywords, keyword groups or sections of your site

  • Explore a full representation of the Google SERP including rankings and a visualization of the SERP screenshot for a particular day

  • Data collection multiple times per day to gain the best representation of the ranking details

  • Insights into when your page lost rank for the top priority position

There is volatility for some business’s rankings in the SERPs as the Google algorithm can constantly change how your pages are listed. These changes can sometimes occur throughout different SERP elements throughout the week. 

“You could rank for an image result, quick answer, web listing, people also ask and back to a web listing,” Hurley states as he paints a picture of search landscape volatility. “How you’re represented in the SERP changes. How your domain is represented in the SERP changes. Your rank for a keyword could be there every day of the week but it could be a different listing type which could translate to a different click through rate or it could have a different page being listed which could impact traffic.”

Daily Pulse offers actionable SEO insights and provides visibility into all the changes that can impact your traffic. Dive into Daily Pulse and all universal SERP categories and uncover opportunities to drive organic results.