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Content Marketing

Enhanced HyperLocal capabilities allow digital marketers to understand demand and content performance for the locations that matter most to their business.

Digital experiences are now localized to the areas where searches are conducted

Google has taken the next step in providing the most relevant results to consumers – displaying different results pages for small geographical locations, even cities just miles apart, called hyperlocal. 

brightedge example of hyperlocal search results

With digital experiences varying according to location, you can get a skewed view of how your customers experience search locally if you confine your analysis of organic demand (search volume) and content performance (organic ranking) to a single location. You may fail to see the variances in search volume between a metropolitan area and a small nearby town. And using a single-location view of organic performance can hide the fluctuations in ranking across multiple geographies.

To prioritize SEO and content marketing investments effectively, it’s critical to have the clearest picture of how customers experience your brand in organic search results – where and when they are searching.

Marketers need a more granular view of demand and content performance with hyperlocal

HyperLocal capabilities within the BrightEdge platform now allow customers to understand how topics and content perform for searches conducted in every corner of the globe. Digital marketers can track demand and content performance for over 32,000 US and 36,000 non-US city search engines, or submit custom locations, for both desktop and mobile.

Accessing data at the most granular level is a best practice for effectively optimizing for organic performance. Here are a few instances where it makes sense to understand your brand’s digital performance down to the specific areas critical to business success:

  • To target customers for hyperlocal marketing
  • To drive customers to physical locations
  • To understand fluctuations in demand
  • To expand into new regions

1. When you are looking to target customers in a (hyperlocal) very specific location

Let’s say that you know geographically where your highest-converting customers are searching – for example a specific city or a neighborhood. While you care how you are turning up in search results in general, you care even more about how you are showing up (or not showing up) for the audiences in these highly targeted areas. By using our HyperLocal capabilities, you can now see how your content is displayed in SERPs for these specific locations.

hyperlocal serps example manhattan - brightedge

You can also view trending of performance over time in a specific location.

brightedge hyperlocal serp rank trends

By targeting the locations that matter to your business, you secure a more accurate understanding of how you are performing in search for the precise audiences you are targeting.

2. When you want to drive customers to one of your retail locations

Google research shows that 50% of consumers who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a store within a day. With the increase in smartphone searches (which now make up more than half of total searches online), it is increasingly important to ensure that your brand is showing up for relevant topics in order to drive visitors to your brick-and-mortar locations.

Using our HyperLocal capabilities, you can view performance for the local search engine closest to each storefront location.

brightedge hyperlocal keyword report for pacific northwest

With these insights, you can understand demand for specific topics, as well as how you rank for people searching in that immediate vicinity. You can choose to optimize for the areas and topics where you are falling behind in local search.

3. When you are trying to understand fluctuations in demand for your products or services

Consumer interests are incredibly regionalized. Something that is popular in one area can fail to capture the attention of consumers in another area. An aggregated search volume figure fails to show you how search volume for that topic can fluctuate across locations. With our HyperLocal capabilities, you can view search volume across the different locations that matter to your business.

brightedge keyword demand report for hyperlocal

Knowing this can help you allocate your marketing resources and create strategies to optimize for topics in the regions where demand is the greatest.

4. When you are looking to expand and want to compare differences in demand across regions

Similar to the use case described above, you want to understand nuances in demand for your product or services in different regions where you are aiming to expand – either domestically or internationally. There can be a drastic difference in search volume for the same topic in cities that are separated even by a few miles.

brightedge hyperlocal keyword group report for okinawa

With access to the most granular search insights, you can compare demand across potential target regions and take a data-driven approach to selecting how you allocate resources as you grow your business.

Providing volume and granularity of search insights unmatched by other SEO platforms, BrightEdge is the only search and content solution that allows customers to understand how pages are performing in the specific locations that are most critical to their business success.

You can contact us to learn more about optimizing for content performance using our HyperLocal enhancements.

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