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Erik Newton
M Posted 8 years ago
t 2 min read

"How many SEO keywords should I target?" is a common question SEOs and marketing departments consider as they try to maximize business results and ROI. For most companies, SEO has the highest ROI of any of the channels, and that is a fact that continues to grow as search gets better at understanding what the users want. At BrightEdge we are asked this keyword target question regularly by our customers, so we decided to formalize our answer with a webinar which we introduce in this blog post. Discover how many SEO keywords you should target for your site - brightedge We answer the question by considering the two key business factors: Opportunity and Constraints. We advise customers to build keyword sets using the following criteria:

  1. Brands
  2. Industry
  3. Categories
  4. Products
  5. Plurals
  6. Long-tail value
  7. Funnel conversion and value
  8. Seasonality
  9. Languages
  10. Geos
  11. Mobile
  12. Topics
  13. Trends
  14. FAQs

Using BrightEdge DataCube allows marketers to see the estimated query volumes behind each of these categories and even the singular and the plural of major keywords. Using BrightEdge Page Reporting helps marketers understand the keywords that the search algorithm has mapped to each page - a unique and proprietary solution in a "not-provided" world. We have also identified 7 constraints that guide how large a set of keywords to go after:

  1. Query volume
  2. Web and blog pages
  3. Platform technology, ability to track at keyword and page level
  4. Labor/Agency capacity
  5. Competitive strength
  6. Competing channels 
  7. ROI targets

Only BrightEdge customers have the remedy to reduce the restrictions of these constraints. Any practitioner can see how these two lists will help fill and size the keyword bucket, but some of them have additional thinking and math behind them to get it right. Once the keyword set has been identified, then it is time to engage in content performance marketing to make the quality content that ranks. In this early February webinar, BrightEdge product experts will dive deep to explain how to use these criteria to maximize business value in a webinar on this topic.

Watch for webinar registration announcements for How Many SEO Keywords Should I Manage? on our webinars page and in an email from us. If you are interested in pre-registering for the webinar offer of a comprehensive keyword identification program we call Ignite Opportunities for customers, please contact or a Content Performance Report for future customers, contact