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M Posted 8 years ago
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Content production is great at face value, but ultimately, business results are what matter. Digital marketers are struggling to measure how their content performs, how it stacks up against the competition, and how it delivers quantifiable business impact. Content performance marketing is reaching a tipping point where in order to justify continued investment, marketers need a systematic way to measure and continually optimize its performance.a guide to content performance marketing for your business - brightedge

BrightEdge defines content performance marketing as “quantifiable metrics that allow marketers to measure direct business results such as revenue, online conversion and ROI.” In this complimentary whitepaper BrightEdge has partnered with digital marketing agency iProspect to produce a step-by-step guide to help marketers win in ‘a new era of content’. The paper shares content marketing best practices and guides marketers on how to:

  1. Identify and utilize primary channels that drive performance
  2. Understand your market, audience types, and target demand
  3. Create, optimize, and distribute content at scale
  4. Measure results

Download your free copy here