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Mark Aspillera
M Posted 6 years ago
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Technical SEO

Algorithm Updates

If you've been in SEO and content marketing for a while there's a good chance that this term evokes certain kinds of images and emotions for you. Some of them might not have the most positive connotations to put it mildly. There are SEOs out there with memories of doing intensive recovery work to bounce back from rank drops or manual penalties associated with major Google algorithm updates.

The SEO press likes the stimulation and galvanization of algorithm updates. If your site does not have spammy backlinks, thin content, no mobile solution, too many monetization pop-ups then the algorithm updates were probably less of an issue for you and you probably were not subjected to fire drill reactions after falling in rankings.

brightedge pov algorithm updates

The fire drills are, however, counterintuitive and are indicative of a poor understanding of where quality white hat SEO and content marketing have progressed in the contemporary SEO era. As an industry, SEO and content marketing are well past the age of "chasing the algorithm," and are now far more focused on connecting with and engaging target audiences.

To help address this issue we published a new BrightEdge Point-of-View paper that answers the question of whether you should worry about algorithm updates. In the article we cover the following subjects:

  • How updates from Google and other search engines are moving SEO into to a 1-to-1 relationship with user experience
  • How SEO best practices and techniques have become more transparent and well documented over time
  • Why SEO and content professionals who adhere to best practices for SEO and content development needn't fear the algo update anymore

Want to learn the whole story? Read the full BrightEdge Point-of-View on algo updates