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Nag Patta
M Posted 12 years ago
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Hot on the heels of receiving our recent patent for the unique competitive analysis technology BrightEdge Share of Voice, we are proud to announce that BrightEdge is now part of the highly-selective Facebook® Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program. We are the only SEO company in this exclusive club, and we are honored and humbled to be recognized by Facebook for our leadership, and unique search and social marketing applicatons (hence, the lens on 'Apps' in badge above).  In this post, we will explain what the Facebook® Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) is all about, why we were selected and how our customers will benefit.  

What is the Facebook® Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) Program?

  • Facebook aims to help brands succeed in social marketing - The ultimate goal of the Facebook® PMD Program is to help brands get higher return from social marketing. Facebook seeks to enable brands in their efforts to develop social campaign strategies, execute them, and measure and boost results in a data-driven manner.
  • Connecting brands with marketing leaders is key - Facebook® PMD Program identifies experts in social marketing and connects brands with them so that brands can lean on their expertise and make social marketing work for them. Through a rigorous selection process, Facebook identified experts proven to deliver solutions in Facebook Page Management, Ad Management, Apps and Insights.
  • Facebook® PMD Program enables members - An integral part of the Facebook® PMD Program is to provide members with exclusive access to Facebook APIs/interfaces. Access to this technology will help them develop social marketing solutions that have wide adoption while also meeting specific needs of industries, markets and geographies.
  • Close partnership with Facebook lies at the heart of the program - Facebook® PMD Program membership is not just about API access. It signifies a collaborative relationship with Facebook to ensure that brands always have access to the latest technologies as social marketing evolves. In our case, program membership open a new chapter in our already strong ties with Facebook - Facebook uses BrightEdge S3 for SEO, and our innovative marketing solutions BrightEdge Facebook® Social SEO and BrightEdge SocialSite Audit were built in collaboration with Facebook.

Why were we chosen to be a part of this program?

BrightEdge Facebook Social SEO - Likes and Shares vs Keyword

  • First to enable Open Graph compliance - We recognized early on that complying with Facebook Open Graph guidelines presented a huge opportunity for driving website traffic and conversions through social sharing on Facebook. BrightEdge SocialSite Audit helps marketers easily comply with Open Graph best practices by assessing compliance for entire sites including all pages and page templates (shown below), prioritizing list of issues to address based on the value of impacted pages and ensuring compliance on an ongoing basis.


BrightEdge SocialSite Audit


What does this mean for our customers?

At the cost of being repetitive, we’d like to reiterate that commitment to customer success is our core value. The litmus test of everything we do and achieve is whether it has a real impact on our customers. We are excited about being part of the Facebook® Preferred Marketing Developer Program because we firmly believe that it delivers real business results to our customers.

  • Innovations that meet your evolving needs - The world of search and social marketing changes rapidly. Being part of a program led by a marketing pioneer like Facebook ensures that we will have a pulse on the shifts in social marketing. More importantly, the membership guarantees a close partnership with Facebook and access to the technologies that address your evolving needs in this area. Know that our Program membership will only make our existing Social and Social SEO solutions even stronger while opening the door for more such innovations.
  • Assurance that you partner with the proven leader in SEO - Facebook® Preferred Marketing Developer Program membership requires a rigorous selection process to establish expertise in digital marketing as well as thought leadership. Being anointed by Facebook is a huge deal and it really speaks to our stellar record and our ability to deliver digital marketing solutions that help our customers succeed, now and in future!