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Dov Markowitz
M Posted 5 years ago
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BrightEdge Certification at Share

Get Certified or Re-Certified at Share San Francisco

Certification was a runaway hit at prior Share events. Over 400 people signed up for 250 positions and the room basically overflowed with knowledge-seeking BrightEdge customers. After the 4-hour training everyone who passed the exam could be seen at Share proudly displaying their BrightEdge Certified seals. The BrightEdge team is thrilled to announce that Certification will be returning at Share SF on October 9th and 10th. Plus, for the first time Share includes two levels of certification to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation and release and meet the needs of all of our clients.

Happy BrightEdge Customers

What is BrightEdge Certification?

BrightEdge’s core value is customer success, which includes empowering users to maximize their value from the BrightEdge platform and earn an industry-recognized certification. With more than 7,000 certified users worldwide BrightEdge Certification is now demanded by top companies, agencies, and recognized internationally as a benchmark for SEO knowledge. Many search job listings now request BrightEdge certification of applicants. At prior live certification and we completely sold out with over 400 people getting certified and networking together. ShareSF certification will very likely sell out as well!

What is the value of becoming BrightEdge Certified?

Happy BrightEdge Customers

For BrightEdge Users:

  • Official designation –BrightEdge Certified Professional badge that can be used on business cards and social profiles
  • Recognition in the BrightEdge platform BrightEdge Certified Professional badge appears when logged into BrightEdge
  • Professional community –Inclusion in an exclusive LinkedIn group for BrightEdge Certified Professionals
  • Certificate PDF – Electronically delivered certificate that can be proudly displayed
  • Marketable skill – A BrightEdge certification validates a user’s skill and provides differentiation in the marketplace

For Businesses:

  • Hire skilled professionals – Tap into a network of certified professionals, and validate that your employee base has the proven skills to help succeed in search and digital marketing
  • Maximize value of platform – Ensure users fully leverage the BrightEdge platform to drive results

What’s new for Share18 certification?

For the first time ever BrightEdge will be offering two certification options at Share San Francisco:

  • Introductory: For new users or those that want a review of BrightEdge core features. Designed to get BrightEdge users up and running with all of the core BrightEdge capabilities.
  • Intermediate: Focusing on features released in the last 18 months and is designed for those that are already certified and looking to up their BrightEdge knowledge right from the source. We will introduce the new UI and menus, refresh on key platform capabilities like Data Cube, Keyword Reports, Page and Site Reports, and go deep on StoryBuilder, ContentIQ audits, Intent Signal, Visual Parsing, and more.

Join a community of over 20,000 global users, prove expertise in the BrightEdge platform, get access to the most cutting-edge technology right from the source, and ensure that your company is maximizing the investment it has made in BrightEdge.

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