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Matt Saunders
M Posted 9 years ago
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Did You Know…

That the BrightEdge platform can give you detailed information about prospective clients without access to their site analytics or Webmaster tools accounts? BrightEdge can help you to beat the competition and win new business opportunities with little upfront setup. Talk with your agency CSM for more ideas on driving BD insights for your next pitch! Utilize Share of Voice for important keyword groups to determine the sites actual organic competitors:

  1. Develop initial priority keywords
  2. Assign keywords to relevant groups
  3. Determine top organic competitors in each keyword group segment

how to win new clients - brightedge Leverage Data Cube to determine content performance relative to top performers:

  1. Analyze content performance for top SOV domains and pages
  2. Compare relative content score for BD site vs. top competitors
  3. Identify new content optimization and expansion opportunities

Data Cube Top Keywords to win new clients - brightedge Perform a Site Audit to uncover both major site issues and quick wins:

  1. Develop list of URLs to spider or kickoff domain crawl
  2. Visualize a summary of major technical and content issues plaguing site
  3. Prioritize list and determine relevant fixes then propose timeline to remedy

Site Audit Crawl Errors and how to win new clients - brightedge Analyze device type and localized ranking visibility:

  1. How does the site perform in mobile search
  2. Determine geo-localization impact on rankings
  3. Develop strategy to improve poor local rankings and local strategy for key markets and show it in SEO reports

Device Type and Local Ranking to win new clients - brightedge