BrightEdge Unveils Data Cube to Enable Marketers with Web-Wide Data

Massive Data Repository Indexes Content and Rich Media at Internet Scale

SAN MATEO, CA - March 14, 2014 - BrightEdge, the essential content marketing platform, today unveiled the Data Cube, a revolutionary Big Data technology that enables companies to drive the most business results from their content marketing programs. The Data Cube consists of billions of pieces of data, including content, rich media, search terms, and social signals - all at Internet scale - to provide companies with the insights they need to make strategic business decisions that drive revenue. BrightEdge Data Cube delivers to marketers the same level of web-wide intelligence and massive scale data that Facebook and Twitter brought to consumers. With the Data Cube, for the first time, marketers can now seamlessly conduct competitive analysis and research market opportunities in an integrated workflow within the S3 platform.

“Leading brands realize the importance of content and are investing heavily, but have been asking for a technology that can help them see the entire world wide web and target the most meaningful content marketing opportunities,” said Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge. “We realized were sitting on a treasure trove of data, a sliver of which has been used to power the BrightEdge S3 Platform. With the Data Cube, we have now built a whole new generation of technology that gives our customers direct access to this massive data set.”

The Data Cube allows customers to utilize one of the most comprehensive and robust data sets available to content marketers to help them better understand their market and more effectively engage with their audience. With its unique goal based research capability, for the first time marketers can target the best demand, understand the content marketing landscape, and build a competitive strategy to win.

BrightEdge customers now have direct access to intelligence from the Data Cube, which powers BrightEdge’s S3 platform. Key capabilities of the Data Cube include:

  • Market Research: Marketers can now conduct more comprehensive industry research to assess how they match up to competitors and to identify unforeseen content opportunities. Not only can marketers gain insight into what known competitors are doing in terms of keywords and content optimization, but they can also uncover content engagement activity in adjacent markets. Marketers now have their own search caliber tool to help them discover new opportunities and adjust their strategies to remain ahead of the competition.
  • Goal Based Search: Marketing has dramatically evolved from an art to a methodical science. The Data Cube understands the marketer’s goals and provides pre-built scenarios to methodically target areas of largest demand and understand competition. With a few clicks, content authors can identify content topics high in demand and low in competition in order to focus on creating the right content. Another scenario allows marketers to explore high value keywords that rank for specific content thereby maximizing traffic and engagement. Marketers can also uncover videos and rich content strategies that other brands and competitors have successfully employed.
  • Competitive Analysis: Marketers can tap into billions of records to improve their content marketing efforts. This makes it easier for marketers to perform long form keyword searches and identify new ways to tackle adjacent markets. This includes the ability to discover new keywords to target, and understand which keywords have the highest search volume. This intelligence equips marketers to develop more effective long-term campaigns to drive measurable business results.
  • Integrated Workflow: Visibility into competitors’ content activities is more streamlined than ever. Marketers no longer need to connect dots on their own because the Data Cube is fused with S3’s optimization and content recommendations engine. This allows marketers to access important market insight and implement those learnings into their own marketing activities, directly from the S3 platform.

BrightEdge’s investment in technology is core to its ability to provide the most comprehensive content marketing solution to more than 8,500 brands, including Microsoft, Adobe and Macy’s. The company aggregates data at a scale that matches the capabilities of massive enterprise scale brands and is now delivering that data to marketers. Making available this rich data allows every company everywhere to experience the secret weapon behind the BrightEdge S3 platform and access the insights they need to drive revenue, operate more efficiently and grow their businesses.

“Weaving together granular data points from across the web is a massive challenge for even the most advanced technologists. We’ve not only succeeded at this, but we’ve also managed to do so in a public cloud,” said Lemuel Park, CTO of BrightEdge. “Our unique data repository gives companies essential intelligence to make decisions based on competitive performance and demand in the market.”


About BrightEdge
BrightEdge is the essential content marketing platform that transforms online content into tangible business results such as traffic, revenue and engagement. BrightEdge's S3 platform is powered by a sophisticated big data analysis engine and is the only company capable of web-wide, real-time measurement of content engagement across all digital channels, including search, social and mobile. BrightEdge 8,500+ customers include global brands such as 3M, Microsoft, Netflix and Nike. The company is based in San Mateo, CA with offices in New York City, Chicago and London.