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Uncover SEO opportunities to increase site traffic, conversions, and revenue

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a critical role in making your content visible on search engine results pages (SERPs) for the topics that matter to your business. To win in SEO, you need to understand how content improvements contribute to key business results, such as increasing website visits, conversions, and revenue.

Prioritize site improvements with the best opportunities for hitting business goals


Our deep integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud pulls the analytics data you’ve come to trust into the BrightEdge search and content platform. By blending web analytics and organic data, you can enhance direct optimization efforts and demonstrate the impact that such efforts have on business metrics.


"On any given day, there are thousands of places on my website that need attention. By importing my Adobe Analytics data I can now assess possible site improvements together with business metrics, like traffic and conversions. This helps me take a data-driven approach to SEO to pinpoint which changes to make first."

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Optimize for all critical topics – including those missing due to secure search

By importing your web analytics into your BrightEdge platform, you can bring back keyword-level data that is missing due to secure search. You can discover new and important search topics and optimize your content for these topics to drive more traffic, conversions, and revenue on the site.

Ensure that your content is written for high-demand, high-value topics

Identify topics that are searched for the most on Google. Then compare this data with your web analytics data, such as visits and revenue from these keywords. By assessing topics according to these two dimensions, you can focus on optimizing for the topics that are high in demand and also instrumental to contributing to your bottom line.

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Analyze website page performance across the buyer’s journey

Track how pages geared towards awareness, consideration, and decision stages rank on search engines and ultimately perform. By understanding how these topics influence the online behaviors of your customers, you can devise new strategies and SEO tactics to achieve better outcomes from organic search. 

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Import Adobe Web Analytics data in a snap

Quickly and easily configure your Adobe integration using the Adobe Analytics API. Fully customize the data imported with the metrics that matter the most to your business. A simple setup process can get you up and running within one business day.

Over 250 brands have integrated their Adobe web analytics data with BrightEdge:


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The recent innovations that have helped us include the global capacity, the social signals especially around the influence of Facebook and Twitter and the ability to look at conversion data through the Genesis integration.

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