In-House SEO vs. Agency Outsourcing:

The Benefits of Both Compared

In 2020, businesses spent nearly $47.5 billion on SEO or SEO-related products and services. If one thing became clear to us in 2020, it’s that the demand for search marketing became higher than ever. As the Coronavirus pandemic swept the globe, shelter-in-place restrictions and travel bans drove a great deal of uncertainty. When consumers had a question or needed to find a solution to a problem, they turned to search. 

With so many brands and online publishers creating content and websites competing for attention, to increase your chances of being seen and clicked, your website or content must appear close to the top of the rankings for relevant searches.

Now, as to how you can actually make that happen, there is debate is on which is best: managing your SEO in-house or outsourcing to an SEO agency?

In this report, you will learn more about each of these models — in-house SEO vs. outsourced SEO — and the benefits of each one. But first, what is at stake here?

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