Building the Roadmap to SEO Success: Maxim Integrated

Successful SEO adoption and awareness within your organization

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As a digital marketing manager, Jeanne continues to transform Maxim Integrated into a more digitally-tuned, agile company, through data-driven marketing and enterprise-wide education. Managing analytics and SEO since 2013, she leverages both areas to increase customer acquisition and drive customer engagement.

As a key leader in Maxim’s web redesign in 2014, she led the efforts to optimize the website experience with SEO in mind. This redesign resulted in an over 30% increase in organic traffic for the company’s top product area. Jeanne also led the company’s Storefront UI redesign, which resulted in 300% revenue growth for its e-commerce channel.

In this webinar, Jeanne Quach, Digital Marketing Manager, Maxim Integrated, will cover her success in building SEO adoption and awareness within her organization.


Jeanne Quach, Digital Marketing Manager, Maxim Integrated

Katie O'Leary, Senior Product Marketing Manager, BrightEdge

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