Tiny Prints Joins BrightEdge to Prove the Impact of Twitter

BrightEdge Case Study Shows How Tiny Prints Achieved a 47 Percent Increase in its Search Rankings by Aligning Twitter and Organic Search

San Mateo, Calif - April 25, 2012 - BrightEdge, the global leader in enterprise SEO, today unveiled the results of its work with Tiny Prints to align posts on Twitter with search engine optimization (SEO) and improve online conversions and ROI. With search and social analytics from BrightEdge, Tiny Prints achieved a 47 percent increase in its organic search rankings on long-tail keywords and URLs that were popular and engaging on Twitter. The gains occurred as follower engagement on pages and keywords grew 300 percent during the month-long campaign, where Tiny Prints' tweets were aligned with digital content.

Tiny Prints, an online boutique that offers stylish cards, invitation, birth announcements, customer business cards and photo books, wanted to extend its brand and establish a meaningful way to engage with its customers through Twitter. Teaming with BrightEdge, Tiny Prints knew that by increasing the value of its digital marketing conversations and aligning their Twitter strategy with its organic search, they could maximize site organic traffic and convert more sales.

"BrightEdge helped us tap into the connection between search and social media," said Mitra Naeimi, Director, SEO & Social Media, Tiny Prints. "Visibility across search and social channels made it much easier for the social media and search teams to collaborate."

"Like most online businesses, search drives a large portion of Tiny Prints web traffic and conversions," said Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge. "As the Web becomes more social, savvy brands like Tiny Prints are finding that they can use their social activities to improve sales conversation, simply by aligning it better with their SEO strategy."

Satya Patel, Twitter's Vice President of Products, is an advisor to BrightEdge's Board of Directors, and has been instrumental in insuring that the company's S3 platform effectively monitors and maximizes the value of Twitter, as well as other social channels such as Facebook and Google+.

BrightEdge revenues have grown by 400 percent; employee headcount is up 200 percent, and have recently secured $12.6 million in Series C funding. The company's over 2,000 clients include seven of the ten largest retailers, nine of the ten top digital agencies, as well as technology and social titans including Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, VMWare and Symantec.

To learn more about BrightEdge's work with leading brands to align search and SEO, please visit: https://www.brightedge.com/twitter-seo-tinyprints.

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