BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu to Present at Silicon Valley Search Roundtable

"Real Time Search" Presentation to Discuss Leading Edge SEO Practices

FOSTER CITY, Calif – February 5, 2010 – BrightEdge, the on-demand leader for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management, today announced that its CEO and Founder Jim Yu will present at the upcoming Silicon Valley Search Roundtable on the topic of real time search. As CEO of BrightEdge, Jim brings in depth experience on a wide variety of search optimization techniques and the best strategies to extract the most out of these techniques from real-world implementations.

Jim's presentation "Real Time Search - and its impact on your SEO program" will discuss the latest findings on how real time search results are being inserted by search engines into search results pages, and how they can be leveraged for increased customer acquisition and branding. Jim's talk is scheduled for 12:30 PM on Friday February 5, 2010. Click on the following link for more information on real time search.

About Silicon Valley Search Roundtable

The Silicon Valley Search Roundtable is the leading organization focused on advancing the state of art of search engine optimization. As participants in the roundtable, a select group of SEO managers from the leading online companies across the United States gather every quarter to discuss the latest techniques for SEO. Participation in the Silicon Valley Search Roundable is "by invitation" only.

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