Cloud Infrastructure

SaaS Architecture Built for the Enterprise

When a company selects software, their selection is based on business functionality, but also technology architecture, as it affects performance, and business continuity. Businesses need to ensure that a SaaS provider can scale with their business growth, and that their technology instance won’t go down if someone trips over a cable.

BrightEdge was founded as a truly Enterprise-Grade platform, which includes a principal of Enterprise Security, and a commitment to Data Integrity. BrightEdge S3 cloud infrastructure is architected by seasoned executives that hail from leading SaaS companies such as Salesforce, and SuccessFactors, bringing deep expertise in delivering innovative technology to customers in a secure, scalable, and reliable way.

Multi-Tenancy, Horizontal Scalability & Pod Architecture 

Cloud Architecture allows for an on-demand deployment model, providing customers with easy on-boarding, and automatic updates of the latest BrightEdge technological innovations, at a regular monthly cadency. BrightEdge has delivered tremendous value to our customers, and as a result has grown rapidly. As we’ve scaled, our customers have experienced the same superior performance levels (99.9% uptime). That’s made possible through a horizontal scaling model and pod architecture. When one pod reaches capacity, BrightEdge opens up another pod, ensuring seamless scale and uninterrupted performance.

Why this architecture matters to customers:

  • Reliability: Multiple layers of replication in data centers provide redundancy and failover reliability.
  • Disaster Recovery: Datacenter backup facility for disaster recovery assurance and peace of mind.
  • High-Availability: Third-party validated uptime of 99.99%. Multi-pod architecture scales with customer needs to ensure uninterrupted performance by distributing loads across several pods in different continents.

BrightEdge has the necessary tools to protect our data.

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